"Men get stretch marks too."

By Faith Brar
November 01, 2019

Stretch marks don't discriminate—and that's exactly what body-positive influencer Milly Bhaskara aims to prove.

The young mom took to Instagram earlier this week to share a photo of her husband Rishi's stretch marks, which were painted in silver glitter. In the photo, their son, Eli, is also seen resting his head against his father's thigh and smiling. (Related: This Woman Is Using Glitter to Remind Everyone That Stretch Marks Are Beautiful)

"Men get stretch marks too," Bhaskara wrote alongside the powerful photo. "They're perfectly normal for all genders."

By practicing kindness toward themselves, Bhaskara says she and her husband hope to teach their son about body acceptance at an early age. "We normalize nudity in this house, we normalize normal bodies and their normal marks, bumps, and lumps," she wrote. "We normalize being a human being with a human body." (Related: This Body-Positive Woman Explains the Problem With 'Loving Your Flaws')

"Hopefully it’ll help him with his own body acceptance when he's older," she added.

The next day, Bhaskara shared a photo of her own stretch marks with a similar message: "Normalize normal (whatever your normal is) bodies to your children," she wrote. "Normalize nonsexual nudity, scars, platonic touching, consent, body boundaries, body acceptance [and] speaking kindly of yourself."

Even though unrealistic beauty standards—including the misguided belief that stretch marks should be hidden, rather than celebrated—are extremely prevalent in mainstream media, parents have an opportunity to challenge those standards at home with their children, if they so choose. From developing a positive relationship with food and exercise to prioritizing healthy lifestyle habits, kids can pick up on their parents' behaviors from a young age.

As Bhaskara says herself: "Your kids hear what you say. They see how you treat your body so be kind to yourself and your body even if you have to fake it at first around them!"

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November 5, 2019
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