"This is what it is like being a plus-sized woman on the Internet," the beauty blogger wrote on Instagram.

Nabela Noor speaks on stage at Beautycon Festival New York 2019 at Jacob Javits Center on April 06, 2019 in New York City
Credit: Dave Kotinsky/Stringer/Getty Images for Beautycon

Nabela Noor has built an Instagram and YouTube empire sharing makeup tutorial and reviewing beauty products. But her followers love her most for promoting body positivity and self-confidence.

A few days ago, the Bangladeshi-American influencer took to Instagram to share a video of herself sitting poolside, flaunting an adorable high-waisted bikini. "This is my first time EVER posting myself in a bikini," she wrote. "This is a huge step for me in my self-love journey." (Related: This Blogger Makes a Bold Point About Why Makeup-Shaming Is So Hypocritical)

"I decided to post via video so you can see this unretouched, plus body in action," she added. "Stretch marks, cellulite & all - it truly is a hot girl summer."

While thousands of women shared their love and support for Noor, many people body-shamed the beauty blogger in the comments section.

"You're such a gem of a person but you should know where you belong at the end of the day," wrote one troll. "Flaunting your body, just showing the world how confident you're trying to be, isn't of any use [sic]."

Another body-shaming critique read: "I am sorry but I now feel like you are just trying to attract more followers by gaining sympathy in the name of your self-love journey." (Related: ICYDK, Body-Shaming Is an International Problem)

If you think that sounds bad, Noor shared in a separate post that she receives even more vile messages in her inbox nearly every day. "This is what happens when you challenge the system," Noor said in a video selfie. "And I'm going to continue doing so."

She then encouraged her followers to swipe to see just one of the many hateful DMs she receives. The screenshot shows an unnamed person telling Noor to "kill herself" because everyone hates her "flabby body." The person also said things like: "How ugly can a person get?" while accusing Noor of "promoting fatness."

Noor has opened up to us about receiving body-shaming comments before. For the most part, she says she chooses to ignore them. "I've learned that hurt people say hurtful things," she said. "I've become so much more aware and am able to distinguish the fact that this is their pain and has nothing to do with my self-worth."

But these days, she refuses to let cruel messages slide by unacknowledged. Instead, she's calling out these horrific trolls on their BS.

"I will not apologize for my body," she wrote alongside her video selfie. "I will not apologize for advocating self-love. I will not hide my body until it fits society's standards of beauty. Your words will not destroy my spirit." (Related: How Body-Shaming Someone Else Finally Taught Me to Stop Judging Women's Bodies)

While the body-positive movement has been powerful and far-reaching, Noor reminded her followers that there's still a lot of work to be done. "This is what it is like being a plus-sized woman on the Internet," she wrote. "This is just a sample of the vile comments I receive on a DAILY BASIS.⁣"

By taking a stand, Noor is doing her part in making sure all bodies, shapes, and sizes are represented on social media.

"I will not stop fighting for representation for more GIRLS LIKE ME," she wrote, concluding her post. "I will not stop and I'm done suffering in silence. These are some of the words used as weapons against me. Thankfully, my conviction is louder and stronger."