Seriosuly—thanks to Bluetooth technology, this tampon will make sure you never leak again

By Macaela Mackenzie
Updated: May 18, 2016

It seems like the period has gotten a lot of major high-tech upgrades this year (and it's about time!). Thanks to a Silicon Valley-worthy roster of tracking apps, high-tech tampon alternatives (like the Bluetooth-enabled Looncup), and super convenient subscription services, your time of the month is getting oh-so-much-easier to bare. (Speaking of, Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With Periods Right Now?)

Now, in the latest period tech news, your trusty old tampon is about to a major upgrade of its own. A startup called my.Flow just created a Bluetooth-enabled tampon that connects to an app on your smartphone. Not only will it help you monitor your cycle, it will also monitor your tampon's saturation levels so you know exactly when it's time to change. Welcome to a world where you never need to worry about leaks again.

But even though the idea is pretty badass, the tech itself is still a little clunky. The my.Flow tech tampons are designed with an extra long string (we're talking about 12 inches) that connects to a Bluetooth monitor that clips onto your underwear. The monitor then feeds data to the smartphone app, where you can customize the alert settings. (Psst... Here's Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tampons (Plus Some Stuff You Didn't).)

Though we love the idea of being able to wear white jeans on heavy days-sans anxiety and constant bathroom checks-feeling like you're wearing a spy wire in your skivvies might create an anxiety of its own. But, hey, we like the direction this tech is headed.



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