This is the body-positive brand we've been waiting for.

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Updated: September 11, 2018
Photo: Outdoor Voices

Regular gym-goers know that consistently hitting the squat rack doesn't always equal perfectly smooth, sculpted legs. Cellulite is a fact of life for just about all women-and fitness gear brand Outdoor Voices is telling the world that there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. (Related: 6 Women Share Why They Don't Let Cellulite Keep Them From Wearing a Bikini)

The company recently posted a photo on Instagram of a model showing off her cellulite while wearing the brand's Hudson Short. Even better, Outdoor Voices didn't feel the need to justify the image by labeling it as unedited. They're letting the photo speak for itself. (Related: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cellulite)

Fans of the company were thrilled to come across this post in their feeds.

"I thought this post was gonna be one of those 'love yourself because we all have imperfections.' Nope. Actual realness. LOVE THIS," one user commented. (Related: These Influencers Are Posing in Swimsuits That Show Off Their Scars and Cellulite-and It's the Message We Need for Summer)

Another weighed in to share her own experience: "I struggle constantly with the comparison to the 'perfect' bodies I see in social media, knowing that no amount of work has gotten rid of my cellulite. This made my day!!" (Related: Ashley Graham Is Not Ashamed of Her Cellulite)

People are done putting up with Photoshopped ads that look nothing like reality, and Outdoor Voices is one company that's proving to us it's done with it too. By supporting body-positive brands like this one, we're pushing others to catch up to the new norm.

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