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People Are Sharing Pictures of Their Eyes on Instagram for a Very Powerful Reason

While most of us waste no time taking special care of our skin, teeth, and hair, our eyes often miss out on the love (applying mascara doesn't count). That's why in honor of National Eye Exam month, Allergan's See America is launching a new campaign to fight preventable blindness and visual impairment in the United States.


To help spread the word, the pharmaceutical company has teamed up with TV sensation Milo Ventimiglia, professional football player Victor Cruz, and actress Alexandra Daddario to encourage social media users to share pictures of their eyes using the hashtag #EyePic. Each time the hashtag is used, See America will donate $10 to the American Foundation for the Blind. (Related: Eye Care Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making)

On top of that, each celeb has debuted videos sharing less known facts about eye health, hoping to create more awareness. Together, they note that 80 million Americans currently have a condition that could potentially make them go blind. Of those people, women, in particular, are at a higher risk for most major eye diseases. They also add that one American will lose complete or partial use of sight every four minutes, and shockingly, if nothing changes, preventable blindness could double in a generation. (Related: Do You Have Digital Eye Strain or Computer Vision Syndrome?)

"The American Foundation for the Blind is committed to creating a world with no limits for millions of Americans who are blind or visually impaired, like me; and we are heartened that Allergan is supporting our mission," Kirk Adams, the CEO of the American Foundation for the Blind said in a statement.

To get involved with the campaign, follow these three easy steps: First, post a picture of your eyes. Then, caption it with the hashtag #EyePic. And finally, tag two friends to do the same. So far, nearly 11,000 people have used the hashtag on Instagram.

Visit See America to watch more videos and learn more about #EyePic.


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