Move over, green beer. There's a new festive favorite in town.

By Lauren Mazzo
March 17, 2017

The thought of celebrating St. Patrick's Day probably conjures up memories of shamrock-shaped glasses and frothy green cups of beer. While that might be the most quintessentially Irish-American intoxicating substance of choice, a new survey shows that green beer isn't the only way people are getting buzzed in tune with the St. Paddy's color scheme.

Last year, California pot delivery company Eaze saw a 42 percent increase in pot orders on St. Patrick's Day, compared to the 18 percent surge that they usually see on Fridays, according to their State of Marijuana report, which compiled data from more than 250,000 California cannabis consumers and more than 5,000 survey respondents.

This is totally in line with a trend they're seeing: Californians are using marijuana on major "party" days in place of alcohol, reports Eaze. In fact, more than 82 percent of people surveyed said that marijuana led them to reduce their alcohol intake, and 11 percent even said they've quit drinking entirely in favor of weed. (It's hard to say whether this is a good thing, considering both weed and alcohol have positive and negative effects on your health.)

Obv, this one-state survey isn't truly representative of the whole country (especially considering recreational marijuana is only currently legal in Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Washington, DC). But cannabis use is slowly becoming more mainstream-whether it's in conjunction with fitness at this marijuana gym in California, used to take your love life to the next level, ease period probs, get a literal runner's high, or even relieve sore muscles after a tough workout. In fact, 17 more states might be hopping on the recreational pot bandwagon in 2017, according to the LA Times.

But before you get too stoned, listen up: Researchers are still digging into the long-term effects of weed on the human body. (We do know a little bit about what happens to your brain in the moment, though.) Some research shows it might be bad news for motor control, mental health, and cardiovascular function, while other studies show that it can relieve pain, decrease anxiety, and help you sleep. (Here's the full breakdown of what we know about weed's health risks and benefits.)

So you should keep your health in consideration before taking a puff. But if you want to light up (assuming you're someplace where it's legal, of course) you can do so knowing there's a whole crew of people out there enjoying the same kind of ~green~ St. Paddy's Day. Not so interested? No worries-there's plenty of green beer, green cocktails, and even green smoothies to go around.