I'm not saying I never snooze, but I get out of bed without wanting to kill anyone now.

By Lauren Mazzo
March 12, 2019
Photo: Amazon

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When I slept until 1 p.m. every weekend as a 16-year-old, I blamed it on needing extra beauty sleep to get through puberty. In college, I blamed it on all-nighters spent writing papers (okay, and partying). Post-college, I blamed it on an initial adulting adjustment period. Today? Well...I'm out of excuses.

The truth: Until I've downed a 16-oz cup of coffee, I'm just not a morning person. (If you need further proof, just read this: Hilarious Things You Can Relate to If You're Not a Morning Person.) And the only thing that gets me up and moving in the direction of said coffee? My fancy-schmancy alarm clock.

I'm not saying this thing works magic because I still snooze through a morning workout on occasion. But since I switched to the Philips Wake-Up Light (a whopping two and a half years ago), waking up to an alarm every morning really seems less traumatic. (Note: This isn't quite bright enough to be considered a SAD light therapy lamp.)

Here's why it's special: Both the light and alarm sound slowly increase as it gets closer to your wake-up time. The display first turns dawn red, then warm orange, and bright yellow, and the alarm sound of your choosing gently rises out of the ~silence of night~. Your choices ranging from chirping birds to melodic piano music-a far cry from the cringe-worthy blare of the xylophone iPhone ringtone you've heard way too many times. Instead, you're bathed in a warm glow as if your bedroom actually has great natural light (in NYC? In my dreams...literally) while a forest of Snow White–sourced animals show up to do your morning chores and greet you with breakfast in bed. (Think I can convince the city's rats and roaches to do the same?)

Both sensations happen slowly, so there's none of that wake-up panic that happens when your phone or other alarm clock shoots directly to full volume. Translation: You wake up already on the better, I-don't-want-to-kill-anyone side of the bed. (Who knows, maybe this zen awakening will even inspire you to be one of those insanely productive morning meditators.)

My favorite feature, though, is the snooze button. That's because there is no button. Instead, you can tap anywhere on the clock to hush the alarm for another five to 10 minutes. Heck, I've even missed the clock and hit my nightstand hard enough, and it's done the trick. Somehow, this hasn't made me snooze more often but has simply eliminated any half-asleep, where-is-that-thing frustrations.

It'll set you back about $100 on Amazon-but, hey, if it saves you from missing a few a.m. workout classes and getting charged a no-cancellation fee? It totally evens out. Plus, happy mornings definitely make for a happier day all-around, and that's priceless.

Philips Wake-Up Light: Buy It,$105, amazon.com

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March 13, 2019
Wake up light is AMAZING!! It is the best thing to use to wake up naturally. They have an even better model called Somneo https://amzn.to/2TB7spO .