Spot On is everything you've wanted in a period tracker, plus emojis

By Rachel Jacoby Zoldan
Updated: April 04, 2016
Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood hasn't stayed out of the spotlight much in the past year-you saw their incredible remake of Drake's "Hotline Bling," yes? Fun videos aside, the women's health organization continues to provide care across the country, most recently helping anyone with an iPhone thanks to the launch of their new period- and birth control-tracking app called Spot On. (Related: Why Is Everyone So Obsessed with Periods Right Now?)

Spot On, which was just released in the iTunes store, is similar to the other period trackers out there (think: Clue and Period Tracker Lite), but is 2016-ready thanks to a huge list of symptoms to note and corresponding emojis readily available with just a swipe. You're able to tell it things like when you're sleepy, crampy, or spotting; not to mention you'll have the ability to mark off what kind of action you've gotten in that day.

Unlike other period tracking apps, this one is focused on birth control-not ovulation prediction or fertility tracking (although its clean interface and design makes it ideal for women who are trying to conceive just as much as it is for women who are trying not to have a kid anytime soon). Plus, users appreciate the fact that it's free-other apps can have "in-app" purchases of up to five dollars-and it still provides the litany of informative, science-backed tips and information you'd expect from an esteemed organization such as Planned Parenthood. (Check out Your Menstrual Cycle Phases-Explained.)

And if you're forgetful, you can set up Spot On with a slew of reminders, including one to take your pill. (What, did you already forget?) And in case you ever find yourself in a need-medical-assistance-immediately situation, the app's got a link to locate the closest Planned Parenthood to you. We've already downloaded it-have you?



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