Planned Parenthood's #PinkOutDay Has Supporters Flocking to Social Media

Planned Parenthood, still facing opposition at the state level, is asking supporters to rally.

With the President Trump's health care bill officially dead, the end of Planned Parenthood is no longer imminent. The bill, dubbed the American Health Care Act, included a provision to cut the organization of federal funding for a year. Without enough votes to pass through Congress, it was pulled from the floor on Friday. That's a big national victory for the organization, but they still face some roadblocks at the state level.

That's why the nonprofit has asked the 75 percent of Americans who opposed its defunding to flood social media today with a color that's come to signify female rights worldwide: pink. "Pink Out Day" is more than a hashtag, "it's a day to show anti-women's health politicians that we will fight like hell to protect our 2.5 million patients a year," says Planned Parenthood on their website. "[A] time for reproductive rights supporters to show their defiance against the relentless attacks on Planned Parenthood."

ICYMI, the potential collapse of Planned Parenthood would have meant trouble for a lot of women around the country. The largest provider of low-cost reproductive health care for women in the nation, Planned Parenthood serves a distinctly underprivileged population who often lack other options when it comes to services such as STI testing, cancer screening, family planning, and birth control. Abortions, the reason the GOP-led Congress wanted to defund it, only make up three percent of the services it provides each year, according to the latest annual report.

Planned Parenthood supporters nationwide have spent months fighting to save the organization, pushing back against the president who openly vowed to put an end to it. Today is a way of owning the success of their effort. Just one hour after the organization's thunderclap (a "crowdspeaking platform" for sending mass-shared messages) opened, it had already reached more than 10 million people. To participate, join the Facebook event, share why you support the organization with hashtag #IStandWithPP on social, or, of course, wear pink and show it off with the selfie using the hashtag #PinkOut.

Celebrities are getting involved too.

And so are senators.

But there are other ways to get involved too! You can pink-ify your profile picture (here's how) or purchase shirts, pins, and phone cases on Planned Parenthood's marketplace. On Instagram, the #PinkOut is already in full swing.

If you're still confused why everything is looking so rosy, let Planned Parenthood's final word's on the purpose of the pink fest sum it up: "It's a day for people to unite and say: We resist. We are strong," the say in a recent blog post. "We're not backing down-not today, not ever."

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