And surprise! We are absolutely ~ not ~ okay with that.

By Macaela Mackenzie
Updated: August 30, 2016

Despite the fact that it's 2016 and women are dominating in the office and at the gym, we're (sadly) still used to all kinds of weird sexist, body-shaming comments. (Exhibit A: Gold's Gym Sparked Outrage With This Body Shaming Facebook Post) But this latest sexist move by a health and fitness company is a serious throwback to the dark ages: one fitness club is suggesting women on their periods shouldn't be allowed in the pool.

Vake Swimming and Fitness Club located in Georgia (the country, not the state), posted a super sexist sign saying "Dear Ladies! Do not go into the pool during periods." Yes, really.

And it wasn't some sort of misogynistic mistake. The club is standing by the policy. According to a report from Buzzfeed News, a representative from Vake said that the club had suffered financial damages as a result of previous period "incidents" and therefore ask that women on their periods-even if they're using tampons-refrain from swimming while on their periods.

Periods and swimming have been getting a lot of attention lately, thanks to Chinese Olympic swimmer Fu Yuanhui, who spoke candidly about having her period in Rio. But despite the increasing willingness to talk about menstruation in the mainstream media, periods have remained a particularly taboo topic. Not surprisingly, people on social media aren't happy with the swim club turning that taboo into downright discrimination.

It should go without saying, but for the record, there's nothing wrong with swimming on your period. Even if blood does get into the water somehow-which would be an incredibly rare worst case scenario-it's not an issue "when diluted into properly chlorinated pool water," according to the CDC. So swim on, sisters.


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