Prepare to Be Inspired By This Badass #LoveMyShape Trailer

These incredible women are the embodiment of #bodylove

Earlier this month, we officially launched our #LoveMyShape movement. Taking our body positivity coverage to the next level, this campaign is all about walking the talk and celebrating women of all shapes and sizes. Because we believe that every woman should feel healthy, strong, and confident, and that taking care of your body and soul doesn't look one "right" way.

The women in this video embody this spirit, embracing their beautiful and badass bodies for all that they can do, be it boxing, dancing, rowing, Pilates, or yoga. They prove that no matter what anyone else says, only you can decide how you view yourself. They're proof that body love truly comes from within.

Watch the video to see Sports Illustrated model and boxing enthusiast Ebonee Davis, 'fitness artist' and dancer Nicole Winhoffer, Pilates instructor Anula Maiberg, fitness instructor and model Amanda Butler, and yoga instructor and Nike master trainer Traci Copeland. We dare you not to be inspired.

P.S. Remember to keep sending us your photos and videos to spread the body pos love. (Need more inspiration? Just check out these incredible women who donned their #LoveMyShape sports bras!)

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