As CEO of the supplement company Wellnx, Brad Woodgate knows a thing or two about being an entrepreneur. He and his brother started the firm in their parents' basement with less than $30,000; within six years, it achieved more than $100 million in annual sales.

Brad's new goal: to help others pursue their passion via a reality TV show he's developed called The Entrepreneur in Me. "Creating my own company has given me so much self-confidence and so many opportunities," says Brad, "and I want as many people as possible to experience that."

For more details, go to, where you can sign up to become a contestant. Haven't come up with your million-dollar idea yet? No worries! Participants will be assigned one, after which they'll compete 
to make it a full-fledged company or product. The winner walks away with 25 percent ownership, plus the title of president.