6 people who steer clear of the social networking site share their reasoning.


Nowadays, it seems like everyone has a Facebook account. But while most of us are plugged into the social networking site, a select few have opted out of joining. We gathered a handful of men and women who explained why they don't have Facebook-and don't plan on signing up anytime soon!

Andrew, 25, Litchfield, CT


"I have nothing against Facebook. But when it comes to staying in contact with my friends, I simply prefer to make the effort to reach out and keep up in a more substantial way. Staying off Facebook helps me to foster relationships with the people I really care about. I still prefer to exchange lengthy emails and chat on the phone. I find it a greater expression of care and in turn, it makes me feel more involved with my friends, not just an observer of the life of someone else."

Grace, 21, Los Angeles, CA


"I deactivated my Facebook account because it was causing me to procrastinate too much with school and work. It sometimes causes a problem for me not to have an account, because I can't sign up for contests or giveaways. But overall, not having one seems to be better for me. I think too much social media causes you to be too distant from people in real life and more angry, so deleting Facebook at least minimizes my amount of social media by a little."

Damon, 27, New York, NY


"Apparently Facebook is a waste of my time, as I've failed to grasp how peoples' everyday activities signify any merit or benefits for me. I don't need to gain social status."

Priya, Los Angeles, CA


"I personally don't see the need for Facebook because I feel that I'm exceptionally good about keeping in touch with my friends. I'm the friend who plans events and brings everyone together to check out a concert, see an art exhibit, go on vacation, or have a fun girls' night out in LA. I'm a busy person that is always on the go, but I also recognize the importance of making time in your life to see your friends."

Vincent, 32, Irvine, CA


"I personally don't have and don't plan on having a Facebook account. I don't see the necessity or importance of having one. Keeping in touch socially with family members and friends is a totally different topic, and it should not be generalized into the idea of Facebook as the only way to bridge such social networking. So unless Facebook turns into a tangible/intangible necessity, such as the need of using an iPhone or Googling on the Internet, then Facebook will not be a part of my plan."

Darryl, 45, Orange County, CA


"Having limited time to spend on important things in life, using Facebook doesn't fit into my lifestyle."