This may just be the best alarm clock to help you quit the snooze button and make it to your morning workout—it's the phone app that gives you wings!

By Rachael Schultz

If your morning workout plan is too often derailed by that all-too-tempting snooze button, Red Bull has the solution. Their affiliated media group has released an alarm app specifically designed to get you out of bed and to the gym (or track, or pool, or road). (Wake Up! 6 Get-Out-of-Bed Morning Motivators.)

Available on Android and Android Wear, the Red Bull Alert has all the basic functions of your regular wake-up call-that is, customizable alarms and snooze limits. The uniqueness, however, is in the themes: You can choose from nine different sports and when you reach for that a.m. ding, your eyes will be met with an image of an adrenaline junkie launching down hills on their bike or tearing up waves on a surfboard-because what better way to convince your brain that exercise is better than sleep then to be visually reminded of the thrill of your favorite adventure sport?

The Red Bull Alert app has a scoreboard that will gauge your snooze habits as of late, providing the average number of minutes you dismiss the alarm for and what kind of progress you've made on rising and shining in the past week or month. Plus, the app is able to sync with Facebook and Twitter. This means your friends can hold you accountable for skipping that morning run, or you can find motivation in the competition of being able to see who in your social circle has been up and out every day this week.

See what the alarm is all about in the video below.


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