In a campaign video for the new Reebok x Wonder Woman 1984 collection, six nurses share what it's like to face COVID-19 head-on.
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Reebok Wonder Woman Campaign
Credit: Reebok

It's hard to imagine what it's really like to be a frontline healthcare worker during the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But one thing's for sure: These workers are nothing short of superheroes. Now, they're being recognized as such in a campaign for Reebok's new capsule collection, Reebok x Wonder Woman 1984.

The collection was created in partnership with DC and Warner Bros. Consumer Products ahead of the highly-anticipated DC film, Wonder Woman 1984, which is expected to be released in December. The campaign for the collection features six nurses from Boston, where Reebok is headquartered. Taylor Meyer (nurse practitioner), Vilma Pacheco (nurse practitioner), Kathryn D'Innocenzo (emergency room nurse), Suki Stiles (registered nurse), Cassie Moy (registered nurse), and Solange Rosa (emergency room nurse) all work for some of the city's most prominent hospitals, which took a serious hit at the peak of the pandemic. (Related: Halima Aden Helped Design a Line of Face Masks for Essential Workers Who Wear Hijabs)

″These nurses are on the frontlines fighting the first global pandemic of the century day in and day out by risking their lives to save others,″ Caroline Machen, vice president of global marketing at Reebok, said in a statement. ″While they might not see themselves as real-life wonder women, we do."

In addition to featuring these real-life superheroes in its capsule collection, Reebok also created a mini-documentary in which each nurse had the chance to share their experiences working on the frontlines.

Meyer recalled the first day she realized the pandemic was going to have devastating consequences in the U.S. ″It was a Friday, and I was in the ER, and it was just patient after patient after patient coming in,″ she said. ″They were struggling to breathe. That was it. There was no turning back. COVID was here, and we had to keep fighting." (Related: Why This Nurse-Turned-Model Joined the Frontline of the COVID-19 Pandemic)

Pacheco shared that, on top of dealing with an influx of patients, the fear of contracting the virus was traumatizing. ″Not knowing if we were going to be sick, or if we were the ones who were going to die, was just one of the most horrifying experiences of my career,″ she said with tears in her eyes.

The women also recounted how emotionally challenging it was to keep sick patients from seeing their loved ones. ″When we can't have visitors to keep everyone safe, we're their link to their families,″ shared D'Innocenzo. ″It's very hard to have someone [bring in] their 20-something-year-old family member who is sick and dying of cancer, and you have to send them away when all [the patient wants] is to be with their family and be with their support system.″

″You don't realize how much people need each other until something like this happens,″ added D'Innocenzo.

Some of the nurses admitted that they still haven't seen their families since the start of the pandemic, to avoid the risk of exposure. ″I actually haven't seen my family,″ said Rosa. ″I was out of the country all of February and most of March, and when I came back, I'd worked a shift and I couldn't even hug my mother. I'm very close to my family, so that took a toll on me." (Related: How to Cope with COVID-19 Stress When You Can't Stay Home)

Despite these challenges, each of the women agreed that being a nurse during these unprecedented times has been incredibly rewarding. ″I had a friend who once told me that nursing is a thankless job, [but] it's really not,″ said Stiles. ″The family members are so thankful, the patients are so thankful.″

While Reebok's campaign features just six frontline heroes, each one took the time in the mini-documentary to recognize the hard work being done day in and day out by the thousands of other healthcare professionals working alongside them. ″I work with some pretty amazing women who, to me, are all Wonder Women,″ Meyer said. ″[They're] just the fiercest women I've ever seen, facing this pandemic head-on, and it's been so inspiring to watch, and it really makes me want to be a better woman every day." (Related: Nurses Are Marching with Black Lives Matter Protesters and Providing First Aid Care)

As for the actual collection, it includes some of Reebok's most iconic looks with an obvious Wonder Woman twist. For instance, the brand's signature high-top sneakers are now available in gold with WW emblazoned on them (Buy It, $200, You'll also want to keep an eye out for the gold classic leggings (Buy It, $60,, not to mention the matching track jackets (Buy It, $90, and pants (Buy It, $80,, which all feature badass Wonder Woman logos.

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