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Ridiculous Corset Ad Banned for Promoting Unhealthy Body Image

In today's crazy-that-this-is-even-a-thing news, a British TV ad for waist compression brand Velform Miniwaist has been banned for being "irresponsible" and promoting "unhealthy body perceptions" by encouraging women to aspire to a "teeny tiny waist."

The ad described the brand's extreme compression brands as "the secret to getting that sexy tiny waist, so small that you'll be everyone's envy." Oh, it gets worse. They also compared images of women with and without the product, explaining that the Miniwaist is the "perfect solution" to getting "that womanly figure that identifies us" and the "perfect and extreme hour glass figure that all women want." Because "women are supposed to look like this"—meaning, an impossibly proportioned Jessica Rabbit lookalike.

Miniwaist Ad

Just no.

The U.K.'s Advertising Standards Authority ruled the ad can't appear again in its current form, and notified the company that they can not suggest "that a very small waist was desirable and should be aspired to, and not to imply that all women should aspire to a certain figure."

It's undeniable that this ad is offensive and damaging on many levels, but do these corsets have any actual benefit when it comes to weight loss? Quick refresher: Everyone from Jessica Alba to the Kardashians have come out proudly endorsing waist-training corsets, but experts agree that it's no solution for long-term weight loss. And since corsets push your lungs and liver up and intestines down, they can even cause real harm in the way of bruising and organ damage—plus, there's that whole difficulty breathing thing. (More on that here: Is Wearing a Corset the Secret to Weight Loss?)

We think we'll leave our organs just where they are, and stick to working out and eating healthy to sculpt our waists, thankyouverymuch. Oh, and as for "what woman are supposed to look like"? You should look like whatever makes you feel best.


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