This Period Care Brand Is Here to Remind You There's No "Right Way" to Menstruate

Menstrual cup brand, Saalt is putting its own spin on cliché period ads.

Saalt Menstrual Cup
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Even in 2020, menstruation continues to be a topic many people shy away from discussing openly. As a result, most period product ads are awkward, unrealistic, and downright cliché. But menstrual cup brand, Saalt, is trying to change that.

With a new ad campaign dubbed "How You Period", Saalt is celebrating a menstruator's choice to do whatever they want during their period. The 30-second spot shows people dancing on their rooftop, mountain biking, casually Zooming with friends for happy hour, cooking with their kids, and chilling out on the couch in a comfy pair of sweats.

"While most period care ads show people running marathons or twirling in white, the reality is that, sure, maybe you have the energy to climb a mountain on your period (we love that!), and sometimes you might just want to lie in bed. We think both scenarios are totally great," Catharine Day, creative director at Saalt, said in a statement. "We want to start a conversation around diverse period activities that feels relatable."

The non-traditional ad also happened to be shot in a non-traditional way. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hit right as Saalt was about to launch the campaign, meaning they needed to get creative with filming, Amanda Jones, the company's marketing manager, said in a statement. Out of the 200 directors who applied for the job, four were selected to shoot scenes from their socially distanced corners of the world. (

"Just like this ad wasn't made in a traditional way, we don't have to do our periods in a traditional way either," reads an Instagram post from Saalt. "Periods and period care should fit our lifestyles and not the other way around."

If you're not familiar with Saalt, the company was created in an effort to address the lack of accessible period care (otherwise known as period poverty). Its mission is to help folks recognize menstrual health as a human right rather than a privilege that only some can afford. The company has done so by creating chemical- and toxin-free products that are both healthier for consumers and sustainable for the planet. (

The brand's popular Saalt Cup can be worn comfortably for up to 12 hours, which shaves off a significant amount of time that might otherwise go into switching out tampons or pads. The best part? A single cup can last between five and 10 years (yes, you read that right). Not only is that easy on your wallet, but it's also seriously eco-friendly. In fact, since the company launched in February 2018, the brand says it's diverted more than 1 million waste products thanks to its reusable menstrual cups.

"As a brand, we openly talk about periods to break taboos and foster an inclusive and supportive community to help people make educated choices in period care," Cherie Hoeger, Saalt CEO and co-founder, said in a statement. "We hope that through this campaign, people will say, 'Hey, I can relate to this, maybe I can also relate to this new kind of sustainable period care, too.'"

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