From puzzles and candles to skin-care treatments and meditation accessories, try one of these when cabin fever starts to sink in.

By Susan Brickell
March 21, 2020
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If you're starting to feel stir crazy from social distancing and self-quarantining for what feels like forever, we're right there with you. The climate right now with coronavirus COVID-19 has many people across the world working from home or stuck inside. And, constantly reading the news and latest developments is enough to send anyone's anxiety skyrocketing.

That's why Shape editors are sharing the self-care items that are keeping them sane at home during the coronavirus outbreak. From puzzles and candles to skincare treatments and meditation accessories, shop our go-to picks for killing time, de-stressing, and finding peace among the chaos. (Related: The 10 Leggings Shape Editors Are Currently Living In)

Blaq Activated Charcoal Under Eye Mask

editor self care pick blaq eye mask

"I used to tell myself I’d practice self-care Sundays and try a new product or take a bath every weekend, but life got in the way, and that never happened. So, there’s no time like a self-quarantine to finally put all those products I’ve been hoarding to good use. For the last several days, I’ve been choosing one beauty item from my cabinet and testing it out. It’s been a nice excuse to step away from my laptop for a few minutes and do something just for me. So far, I’ve tried two different masks: a charcoal eye mask from BLAQ and a fancy rose gold 111SKIN face mask (if I can get even one step closer to emulating Ashley Graham during all of this, I’ll consider it a win). Up next? Grown Alchemist Detox Night Cream." —Alyssa Sparacino, deputy digital editor

Very Nice: A Novel by Marcy Dermansky

"Digesting the news cycle these days has been incredibly taxing, so my favorite way to wind down lately is to really lose myself in a good piece of fiction. I just finished Very Nice by Marcy Dermansky, an incredible novel about a twisted love triangle between a wealthy Connecticut divorcée, her college-age daughter, and the daughter’s writing professor (who also happens to be a famous author outside of his teaching gig). It’s juicy, a little cringy at times (in the best possible way), and it manages to find humor in even the darkest subjects—something we all could probably use right about now." —Allie Strickler, news editor

Crate & Barrel Meditation Cushion

editor self care pick crate and barrel meditation pillow

"My kitchen table and couch have officially become my desk, and after eight hours parked in basically the same spot every day, I’ve been getting a little stir crazy. I’ve officially started using my meditation cushion as another seating option—I pull it up to my coffee table to eat dinner while binging Mad Men or sit on it lotus-style while FaceTime-ing friends and family. Something about sitting on the floor feels (literally) grounding to me in this really anxiety-inducing time, and taking a break from proper chairs has helped open up my tight hip flexors." —Lauren Mazzo, web editor

Diamond Painting Kit

editor self care pick diamond painting

"This weekend felt like the perfect time to dust off a diamond painting kit that my mom gifted me. If you’re unfamiliar, diamond painting involves using a pen tool to place tiny gems one-by-one onto a sticky canvas. (The canvas is kind of like a cross stitch pattern; no artistic skills necessary.) When you’re done, you have a picture that looks like a painting from afar. I feel like making time to worry about nothing but my fine motor skills has somewhat helped my overall state." —Renee Cherry, staff writer

Google Home Max

editor self care pick google max

"I’ve been in a pretty committed relationship with my Google Home Max for a while, and things got serious when I decided to change the voice settings to John Legend (having him sing to me on command is pretty epic). I use it daily to get the news, pick out my outfits by checking the weather, plan my next run route (Okay Google, how many miles to the grocery store?), and stream my workouts. I love to end my nights Netflix and chilling with my Google Home using the voice commands to stop, pause, ask questions, and more—who needs a remote? It also keeps things fun and lighthearted (read: It tells great jokes), and has the ability to play soundscapes, including the ocean—it’s soooo soothing and makes me feel like I finally have that home office on the beach." —Marietta Alessi, senior social media manager

Yankee Candle Small Tumbler Scented Candle

editor self care pick yankee candle

"I’ve been burning candles non-stop since I’ve been stuck at home, especially this Luscious Pumpkin Trifle one from Yankee Candle. The notes of vanilla, pumpkin, and cinnamon make my apartment smell like an actual bakeshop, and lighting it after work each day helps me transition my apartment from an “office” back to a home where I can relax in my pajamas and cozy up with a new book." —Megan Falk, editorial assistant

Ridley's Dog Lovers 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

editor self care pick puzzle

“Sure, I am all about tech-free fun—reading, coloring, exercising (I’m a Shape editor, after all)—but there’s nothing like a good jigsaw puzzle to really help me disconnect. Take this Ridley's puzzle for example. It has plenty of pieces—1,000 to be exact—and colors (and dogs!) to keep me engaged for hours, allowing my mind to focus on something other than the often-overwhelming thoughts that typically buzz through my mind. Another power of a puzzle? The uncanny ability to both challenge my brain (seriously, research shows that puzzles can enhance spatial skills!) and calm me down.” —Elizabeth Bacharach, associate editor

Costa Farms O2 for You House Plant Collection

editor self care pick home depot plants

"If you know me even a tiny bit well, then you know that I'm a total plant lady. Lining my windowsill with succulents, placing a leafy Monstera in the corner of my bedroom, or allowing a Pothos to cascade down my bookshelf introduces some green into my space, which is completely welcome right now as I'm working from home and stuck indoors. Even better? Not only does having a few (okay, fine, more like double digits) plants bring nature into my home—along with a sense of serenity and calm—but many plants improve air quality and naturally filter out chemicals, helping me to breathe a little bit easier." —Susan Brickell, senior editor


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