The fitness influencer had an explant surgery in December 2018 after experiencing breast implant illness.

By Faith Brar
April 16, 2019
Photo: Instagram/@diaryofafitmommyofficial

A few months ago, Diary of a Fit Mommy's Sia Cooper made the important decision to have her breast implants removed after realizing she was suffering from breast implant illness. For years, Cooper dealt with unexplained health symptoms like extreme fatigue, headaches, and hair loss. Once her implants were removed, those symptoms went away, and slowly but surely she gained back her health. (Related: Is Breast Implant Illness Real? Everything You Need to Know About the Controversial Condition)

Considering the years of discomfort and sickness her implants caused her, Cooper often thinks about why she got implants in the first place. "Simple: I wanted to feel feminine," she recently shared on Instagram.

Cooper revealed that after losing nearly 50 pounds back in 2011, she was no longer happy with how her breasts looked. "I was left with small, saggy boobs and I just wanted to feel womanly again," she wrote. "So I went under the knife because I felt this was 'the answer.'" (Related: Sia Cooper Pointed Out a Major Problem with "Before and After" Photos On Instagram)

Since her explant surgery in December 2018, Cooper says she's been on a "long journey to self-love," and along the way, she's realized that breasts and femininity aren't synonymous. "Now, yes without my implants, I feel more feminine than I ever have," she shared. "It's a shame it took all of this just to get me here, but I have zero regrets. It's called life and in life, we learn through our mistakes, successes, and experiences."

Cooper ended her post with a reminder that femininity, as well as confidence, are most powerful when they come from within. "It's all about what's inside of you, as cheesy and cliche as that might sound," she explained. "Confidence isn't something that you can buy in stores or in a doctor's office. It finally comes when you make peace with who you are and what you've got to offer." (Related: Sia Cooper Revealed Her Most Personal Health Struggles In a Letter to Her Younger Self)

Sometimes it's worth stepping outside of the box of what others consider "feminine" or "masculine" and asking yourself what makes you feel confident. Cooper says it best: "You are worthy. We all are worthy. No matter our shape or size."

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