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Slow Computer? 4 Ways to De-stress While You Wait

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We've all been there, waiting for a slow computer to load with nothing to do but watch the little hourglass rotate, the wheel spin or look at the dreaded words: buffering…buffering… buffering. Meanwhile, your stress level ends up higher than an athlete on steroids.

Don't think you suffer computer stress? We know better. In an online study conducted by Harris Interactive sponsored by Intel 80% of U.S. adults get frustrated when their computer is slow and about half (51%) have done something out of character as a result. You've seen it (and probably done it): Reactions include cursing and yelling, banging the mouse, hitting the computer screen and slamming the keyboard. Surprisingly, more women (85%) admit to feelings of stress and frustration than men (75%). (Let's add this to the 6 Scenarios That Stress You Out But Shouldn't.)

If you suffer from "Hourglass Syndrome," the term Intel humorously coined for the stress and frustration caused by a slow computer, there are smarter ways to pass the time than break your mouse or alienate your colleagues. And we're not talking about deep breathing. (Although these 3 Breathing Techniques for Dealing with Anxiety, Stress, and Low Energy could help!) Use these on-screen tools to have some fun while you're waiting:

1. Play Smash-a-Glass
Take your frustration out on the hourglass, not your slow computer! This fun game (that won't slow your computer) is like whack-a-mole except you get to smash the hourglasses you've come to associate with waiting.

2. Eavesdrop in the Office
No, we're not suggesting you invade your coworkers' privacy. Let other people do it for you! Check out Overheard in the Office, where people share the ridiculous things their coworkers say at work. And you thought your cube-mate was bad! (Or try these 9 "Time Wasters" That Are Actually Productive.)

3. Look at Family Photos
Sure you can log on to snapfish and flip through your favorite photos for a mood boost, but how many times can you look at pictures from grandma's 90th birthday? Enter Awkward Family Photos, a hilarious website where you can check out other peoples funny, dorky, embarrassing and sometimes uncomfortable family photos. It's so addictive your slow computer may end up waiting for you!

4. Find out if you have "Hourglass Syndrome"
There's nothing like a good laugh to pass the time away. Check out Intel's melodramatic parody of one woman suffering from "Hourglass Syndrome" and find out if a faster computer is right for you.


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