It works as your "intuitive wellness coach."

By Faith Brar

Nothing is better than the sense of freedom that comes with ripping your bra off at the end of a long day. But that might change thanks to a new bra that helps you unwind. How? Vitali, a new smart sports bra on Kickstarter claims to work as "your intuitive wellness coach" that helps keep track of your breathing, posture, and heart rate variability (HRV).

The founder of this new gadget, Cindy Gu, was inspired to create the smart garment because of her own personal struggles with stress and depression. "During university, I was going through a period of time when I was constantly stressed and I suffered from depression," she told Wareable in an interview. "I tried therapy but it didn't help me that much. But what did help me was my yoga practice."

"I always knew that posture alignment and systematic breathing are those key points that are really beneficial for our health and wellness," she continued. "Through recovering from depression I realized this is something I need to integrate into my life instead of just inside my yoga studio."

Enter: Vitali. Using sensor technology, the smart sports bra gently taps you, urging you to take a deep breath every time your HRV gets low. But rather than just telling you to breathe deeply, the bra also teaches you how to breathe so that your breath is in sync with your heart's rhythm. (Try these 3 Breathing Techniques for Dealing with Anxiety, Stress, and Low Energy)

Vitali also helps improve your posture. Whenever you're caught slouching, the sensor taps you again, reminding you to sit up straight, much like your grandmother might have done when you were a kid.

The data from your day is then sent to an app on your phone that lists all the moments you weren't mindful of your body so you can improve in the future. (Sign. Us. Up.)

Unfortunately, like most nice things, getting your hands on this new technology will cost a pretty penny. The entire package that includes the tapping "gem," charger, and app will sell for $249. But if you pledge now, you can get a deal for just $129. Head over to Kickstarter to learn more.


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