When it comes to holiday weight gain, we're all in this together—whether we like it or not.

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: November 29, 2016

ICYMI, in early October you're the lightest you'll be all year. After that, the "winter body" downslide begins. Even if you're an avid healthy eater or dedicated workout buff, something about holiday parties, fuzzy sweaters, and endless supplies of seasonal treats make it tough to resist the seemingly inevitable holiday weight gain.

But it's not a bad thing-indulging over the holidays and enjoying special occasions makes it that much easier to fire up your healthy living goals come New Year. And you're not alone-we can all relate to these moments.

1. It all starts in the fall... Bye, bikinis! Time for sweater weather.

So cozy, warm, and ~modest~. Thank goodness I no longer have to worry about looking bloated on the beach.

2. Fall holidays are basically made to make you gain weight-someone needs to eat all this leftover Halloween candy!

I volunteer as tribute.

3. Fall palettes are extra great at making you feel slim and foxy-even if you just stuffed yourself with Pumpkin Spice-flavored stuff.

Foolproof outfit for October through March: black on black on black.

4. Thanksgiving is here and it's an excuse to eat everything in sight.

It's basically the National Day of Eating Too Much, and I must have a third helping in spirit of the holiday. (Plus, I Turkey Trotted this morning so I earned it all.)

5. It's fine, because I'm just fueling my muscle growth.

I did a hard workout today, so it's ok if I eat a bunch. (Actually, science totally supports that.)

6. Alright, maybe I'll have a salad for lunch tomorrow. You know, for balance.

Mmmm leaves.

7. And I'll only have one Christmas cookie at tonight's party, instead of trying every single kind.

I totally have the self-control to do that.

8. Three spiked hot cocoas and 10 cookies later...

Well that plan went out the window. It's fine, though, because the holidays only happen once a year!

9. And you know what? In the name of loving my body, I'm determined to feel zero guilt about eating what I want this season.

Part of loving yourself (and loving your shape) is treating yourself. 'Tis the season!

10. Okay, maybe these jeans are getting a little too tight now.

Where did all that come from?! Why won't these button? Okay, maybe it's time to dial back a bit.

11. Annnndddd now I can't fit into my New Year's dress. Great.

Abort! Abort! Winter body, it's over.

12. One last night of fun, but then tomorrow we're getting back to business.

Gym? Check. Veggies? Check.


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