We love selfies as much as the next girl. But there are good reasons we're deeming these places selfie-free zones


Whether you like them or not, it looks like selfies are here to stay: Everyone from your yoga instructor to the President of the U.S. seems to be a fan of the smiley self-shots. And while the snaps do have their benefits and good intentions (This Woman Is Spreading Breast Cancer Awareness Through Selfies, even), not every moment should be immortalized. In fact, posing for pics in any of the below situations could be hazardous to your health-so you may want to hold the cheese.

National Parks

We're not saying that you shouldn't be allowed to snap a shot in front of Old Faithful… But in Lake Tahoe, at least, enough people were attempting to take selfies with dangerous wildlife (like bears) that the U.S. Forest Service issued a warning about it.


At last year's Tour De France, selfies were more than an annoyance-they were a hazard, with cyclists crashing into overeager fans who stepped into the road to get their perfect shot. In 2013, the Hong Kong Marathon organizers also banned selfies after a woman stopped short to take the perfect one at the start of the race-and caused a huge runner pile-up.


Yes, funeral selfies are a thing. (President Obama even took one!) No, they shouldn't be.


In the backseat? Go for it. Behind the wheel? Forget about it.


We're guilty of taking a few sweaty gym selfies (or should that be healthies?). But keep it to the locker room or low-traffic corners of your fitness center so you don't risk blocking equipment or worse, faceplanting on the treadmill or out of a yoga head stand. (Learn The Art of Taking a Yoga Selfie here.)


Just as at national parks, there's no surer way to ruin a fun trip to the zoo than by getting mauled while trying to get a tiger to say cheese.

Voting Booths

In most states, it's actually illegal to share a selfie of an election day ballot on social media.