8 Ways to Feel More Present This Summer, According to Wellness Pros

Wellness gurus and everyday athletes share their favorite ways to let loose while the weather is hot.

Just hearing the word "summer" can make you feel relaxed. Whether it's memories of the beach or leaving work early to actually make it in time for happy hour, summer is the season to let loose.

But if you're feeling stressed AF even in July, you're not alone—Americans as a whole are more stressed than ever. Those picture-perfect engagement photos and images of exotic vacations posted on Instagram could be getting to you, or it could be plain ol' burnout.

Whatever the case may be, find time this summer (and fall, winter, and spring, if that wasn't clear) to let go of whatever is weighing you down (obligations or obsessions), to let loose, be more mindful, and just have some freakin' fun.

Easier said than done, sometimes, right? Well, with that in mind, we asked some of our favorite wellness gurus and everyday athletes for their favorite ways to unwind when it's hot outside. Steal their self-care tips this summer and beyond.

Don't Restrict Yourself (or Your Fun!)

"Have that rosé, order the fries, and make happy memories during the summer as often as you can (in moderation of course.) Why? Because when we're happy, our body hears us. Your body hears everything your mind thinks."—Jason Wimberly, celebrity ACE-certified personal trainer

Move Everything Outdoors

"Summer is when I take as much of my daily routine outdoors as possible—enjoying my morning coffee, meditating by the ocean, diving into a good book, or just catching up on e-mails."—Riva G, yogi and creative director

Elevate Your Self-Care

"First chance I get, I take a bucket of water from the sea and wild rose blossoms I've collected at the beach and soak with them in the tub. When has the ocean ever not made you weightless?—Deborah Hanekamp, creator of Mama Medicine in NYC, a space for natural healing methods

Roll the Windows Down

"Summer is all about driving with the sunroof open and windows down. There's nothing more freeing than open-air driving with the wind in your hair and a good playlist blasting!"—Jess Glazer, NASM-certified trainer at Performix House, CrossFit L1

Take Long Walks with the Dog

"I throw on my favorite pair of shorts, some loafers, and bikini top, and walk my dog to the beach. I basically just let go and wear what feels like summer. It symbolizes confidence and body positivity to me. Plus I get to play with all of the dogs!"—April Sutton, professional stuntwoman and NASM-certified personal trainer at Lateral Fitness

Hit Up a Festival

"My favorite way to let loose during summer is to attend outdoor concerts and music festivals. There's something about floating around between stages, under the sun, and dancing in the grass while the sun sets—Jess Glazer

Embrace a Less-Is-More Approach

"Less clothing, less hair products, and definitely less makeup. Ditch creams and foundations for an all in one BB cream that has moisture, sunscreen, and tint. My fave is by Tarte, and my ex-boyfriend Patrick Ta (celeb makeup artist) told me about it. He actually used to use it on Kim K instead of expensive foundations because it looks so amazing and natural."—Jason Wimberly

Get Grounded

"Whether it's hiking, surfing or just meditating under a tree, being in nature is how I connect to myself and to Mother Earth. It's literally how I get my "downloads", or what I'm supposed to create and share with the world. Most importantly, it's how I relax away from the chaos."—Laura Chung, NYC-based spiritual coach

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