The OG astrologist shares the trends to come for 2019.

By Kylie Gilbert
January 04, 2019
Photo: AlexeyBlogoodf / Getty Images

As the woman behind the most visited and trusted site for horoscopes, Susan Miller is a legend in the world of astrology. Millions of users (including plenty of celeb followers including Cameron Diaz and Pharrell Williams) flock to her site and app, Astrology Zone, for her enlightening horoscopes with guidance on everything from when to buy the new iPhone to whether to pursue a new career path.

Recently, the Astrology Zone founder partnered with American Greetings for a Mercury In Retrograde collection-and we were given the chance to pick her brain. (*Cue a hundred questions about our astrological love match*) While you've likely heard of Mercury in Retrograde and all the ways it makes communication (and life in general) go haywire, it turns out there are tons of other astrological themes that can impact your life, according to Miller. Luckily, there are some positive ones coming this year that might just help you achieve your resolutions.

Here's what Miller says is in store for the next year when it comes to your health, wellness, and happiness.

This is the year for strength gains in the gym...

Jupiter (known to influence gifts and luck) will be in Sagittarius almost all year, all the way through early December, says Miller. "Sagittarius is the sign of the Olympian-the sign that takes to heart the Greek concept of 'strong mind, strong body,'" explains Miller. Translation? More people will be interested in strengthening their bodies using a variety of methods. Jupiter rules Sagittarius (think of it like the sign's mascot), so this planet is strong in this sign and will exert a strong, optimistic beam. Fitness goals = met.

And FYI, Miller believes that tapping into your sign can help you find the best workouts for you-some signs like group fitness, others like to work one on one, and others prefer gentler workouts that combine spirituality and meditation, like Pilates and yoga. (Related: What It's Like to Work Out According to Your Zodiac Sign)

…and some optimistic healthy eating trends.

One of the big features of the year has to do with Uranus' impending move to Taurus, starting March 6, 2019, to remain in this sign until April 25, 2026, a period of seven years, says Miller. (Uranus hasn't visited Taurus since 1934,when it stuck around until 1942, so this is a pretty big deal.) "Uranus rules innovation and sudden change, and Taurus rules agriculture and the food supply, so there will be radical changes there, not only in the U.S. but also worldwide, and clever ways to feed the hungry with natural, wholesome foods may now be developed," Miller says. (FYI, here's what happens when you eat according to your zodiac sign.)

You have no excuse not to be productive AF at work.

Mars is the action planet and was in retrograde last summer, causing some projects to stall, explains Miller. In 2019, though, we won't have Mars or Venus retrograde as we did in 2018-those planets will not retrograde again until 2020. That means only Mercury will retrograde (specifically throughout March, July, and most of November), hinting at a far more productive year than we had in the last year, she explains. (To help you along: Tips to Help You Stay Focused at Work Without Adding to Your Stress)

You might be less anxious and calmer in 2019.

Another feature of the year is Saturn's close work with Neptune all year. While these two planets will be "sextile" (no, not sexile-sextile means they're 60 degrees apart from one another, think like a friendly tango sitch) several times in 2019-January 31, June 18, and November 8. However, throughout the year, the two will be close enough to have a positive effect that we haven't seen since 1996. "Saturn's presence can reduce the general level of anxiety that many have felt from recent world events. A welcome sense of calm could start to permeate the air," Miller says. (Essential oils, CBD, and weighted blankets can also help with anxiety.) "These are slow-moving planets, so when they do meet in aspect, the rewards are generous and noticeable."