The brand is proving that there's no wrong way to rock a two piece.

By Faith Brar
March 20, 2017

Target is making waves (and the good kind) with their body-inclusive ads to promote the store's new line of swimwear for women of all shapes and sizes. Their tagline, "suits for every beach body under the sun" features a group of empowering women including dancer and YouTube star Megan Batoon, Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford, and professional skateboarder Lizzie Armanto.

Supermodel Denise Bidot-also known for her unretouched work for Lane Bryant-joined the group of women flaunting her stretch marks while donning a cute two-piece suit.

"Target believes every body is a beach body and wants you to love the way you look and feel in flattering and on-trend swimwear styles this season," says the brand in a press release. The image sends a much-needed message: If *every* body is a beautiful beach body, then there's no need to airbrush common imperfections such as stretch marks or cellulite. (Ashley Graham would agree.)

"I feel most confident in a two-piece suit with a high-waist bottom and a top that fits just right," says Bidot in a statement on Target's website. "When you're a curvy girl, it can be hard to find a suit that fits perfectly in all the right places, but Target definitely has accomplished that with their swimwear. Once you find that perfect suit that fits just right, it will give you an extra boost of confidence that will make your pool or beach day even better." (Another beauty who knows how to rock a swimsuit? Aerie poster girl Iskra Lawrence.)

Crawford shares a similar sentiment saying, "I love bikinis with high waist bottoms because I love where it hits on my waist and makes it look smaller, while still accentuating my hips."

Showcasing confident women in their naturally stunning form helps to inspire other others who might see themselves in Bidot or Crawford to live comfortably in their own swimsuit-clad skin. Kudos to Target for pushing the ad campaign norms in the right direction. We can't wait to see what they come up with next-and try on these adorable suits.

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April 5, 2017
I love the new swimsuit line at Target