The model said she's been hustling in both her career and her workouts, even if you don't see it all on IG.

By Allie Strickler
April 09, 2019
Photo: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

If you didn't post your workout on Instagram, did you even do it? Much like #foodporn pics of your lunch or epic snapshots of your last vacation, exercise is often seen as something you have to document on social media-because if you don't, how else will everyone know that you're makin' moves?

Tess Holliday doesn't subscribe to "do it for the 'Gram" culture. She recently took to the platform to talk about why she doesn't share more of her fitness journey on IG. Alongside a mirror selfie, the model wrote, "Earlier today I shared on my stories that I've been working on my fitness & my career. It may seem to y'all that I'm not doing much work wise. Though I'm not able to share anything I'm working on YET (!), it makes me feel like folks don't care about me or what I'm doing bc I'm not 'busy.'" (Related: Tess Holliday and Massy Arias Are Officially Our Favorite New Workout Duo)

Holliday explained that she has a bit of an issue with the word "busy." From her perspective, she wrote, it feeds into a larger "culture of workaholism," and it makes people feel like they have to be busy at all times, not to mention share how busy they are on social media to convince everyone else of their hustle and success.

"I've been doing my best to retrain myself to enjoy ALL the small moments that make up my life," Holliday wrote on Instagram. With that, she's chosen to keep the majority of her fitness journey private, not just because she doesn't want to perpetuate a workaholic culture, but also because "there is a stigma against fat folks working out," she wrote-a stigma that she's had to navigate countless times throughout her life.(Related: Tess Holliday Slams Body-Shamers Who Say She's Promoting Obesity)

Stigma or no stigma, Holliday simply wants her fans and followers to know her true perspective on exercise. "I just want y'all to know that my feelings around fitness & 'health' have zero to do with weight loss & everything to with improving my mental health & strengthening myself," she wrote. "It's taken me a long time to realize that I want to honor myself in whatever physical form I take." (Related: How Tess Holliday Boosts Her Body Confidence On Bad Days)

The bottom line for Holliday is that fitness is all about how a workout makes her feel-not what it looks like on her Instagram feed, or how many "likes" a post will get. An IG Story recapping your workout expires after 24 hours. As for the exhilarating rush of endorphins that you get after crushing an intense workout? That doesn't expire.