She posted a pic with a plastic surgeon after getting "a little non-surgical refresh."

By Allie Strickler
Tess Holliday attends the 2018 InStyle Awards at The Getty Center on October 22, 2018 in Los Angeles, California
Credit: Getty Images/Rich Fury/Stringer

There are countless headlines—both positive and negative—about celebrities getting plastic surgery. What you don't see as often? A celebrity personally admitting they've gotten plastic surgery, and owning it with unbreakable confidence.

Over the weekend, Tess Holliday revealed on Instagram that she'd gotten a "little non-surgical refresh" from Ashkan Ghavami M.D., a cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills.

While she didn't specify the procedure she had done, the model used her platform to talk about why plastic surgery can be body positive, even though many people often say otherwise. (Related: People Are Asking Plastic Surgeons to Make Them Look Like Snapchat Filters)

"People like to say that getting plastic surgery can't be body positive, but of course it can be!" Holliday wrote. "It's your body to present how you wish."

She went on to explain that it isn't body positive to be dishonest about undergoing cosmetic procedures "because that just sets up another unattainable beauty standard," she wrote. (Related: How Tess Holliday Boosts Her Body Confidence On Bad Days)

Plastic surgery is an undoubtedly controversial topic, and the comments section on Holliday's post clearly demonstrates that. Some people couldn't agree more with Holliday's perspective; others were extremely bothered by her post.

"You can't be body positive if you're negative about what others choose for their body. Love this and love you!" wrote one commenter. Meanwhile another person wrote, "Have you thought about that it still forces pressure on women who don't want any procedures?!"

Holliday actually took the time to respond to the above criticism: "No because we are all free thinking folks who can choose what we want to do. I'm not here to sell perfection, I'm a 300lb size 22 model who is short & heavily tattooed," she replied. (Related: Tess Holliday Slams Body-Shamers Who Say She's Promoting Obesity)

That seems to be Holliday's main point here: You are your own person, and you have free will to do whatever you want to with your body. As long as you feel safe and happy with your choices, that's all that matters. And when it comes to plastic surgery specifically, "Just make sure that you are doing it for YOU and not because of what other people think!" Holliday wrote.

Huge shoutout to the model for her fearlessness in kickstarting these controversial convos, not to mention her maturity in dealing with rude trolls.