The Home Edit's Clea Shearer Opened Up About the Importance of Self-Examination for Breast Cancer

Learn more about the celebrity home organizer's journey with breast cancer.

Clea Shearer
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If you love tidy spaces, you're likely familiar with Clea Shearer, one of the pro organizers behind The Home Edit, a home organization company known for its celebrity clients and Netflix show. While Shearer gained notoriety for her company's ability to make something as seemingly mundane as a pantry look beautiful, the reality TV star has been making headlines for another reason this year. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2022 and has been remarkably open about sharing her experience every step of the way through her personal Instagram account.

Most recently, Shearer opened up about the importance of breast self-examinations and advocating for your health while discussing her breast cancer journey in a special edition of The Home Edit: Feel-Good Organizing magazine. It's available for pre-sale now and will be on newsstands September 2, 2022. (See: 11 Signs of Breast Cancer Every Woman Should Know About)

Clea Shearer
John Shearer/The Home Edit: Feel-Good Organizing

Despite having no family history of breast cancer, Shearer discovered a lump during a self-examination. When her ob-gyn couldn't fit her in for a screening, she requested one from her primary care doctor, where the 40-year-old learned she had two "aggressive and fast-moving tumors," she wrote in her letter. If she hadn't advocated for herself, quickly requesting a screening, she might have been dealing with a later stage diagnosis, admitted Shearer. Next, she faced a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, and reconstruction surgery, all of which the pro organizer has been open about with her fans.

"I went public with the news of my diagnosis in hopes that by transparently sharing my journey, I could save the lives of other women," she wrote. "Convincing any of you to self-examine on a regular basis, advocate for yourself always, and prioritize your health over busy schedules would make even my worst days worth it." (Read more: What to Expect at Your First Mammogram Appointment)

Shearer's openness has led to "women of all ages" reaching out to share with the reality TV star that they got mammograms after learning about her diagnosis. Some found out they too have breast cancer. "We cried together, offered each other support, shared in our experiences, and most importantly, still were able to laugh," wrote Shearer.

The way Shearer has shared her story with her wide audience in the hopes of helping others take control of their health is inspiring, as is her ability to stay positive. "I'm a fighter. If anyone can crush cancer, it is me," she wrote. "I'm literally afraid for cancer, and I've got this."

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