The most useful subscription box yet.

By Julia Malacoff
Updated: October 20, 2017
Photo: Shutterstock

Subscription boxes don't seem to be going anywhere, especially when it comes to health and fitness. You can get subscription boxes featuring activewear, smoothie ingredients, and more. While these services are definitely convenient, they're more of a fun way to treat yourself rather than serious problem solvers.

But the newest box to come across our desks makes life a lot easier for anyone who ever had to make a surprise tampon run (so, every woman ever). Odeeva is a monthly subscription box for all your period needs, starting at just $3.99.

Just decide whether you want tampons, liners, or pads (or a mix of all three!), along with what level of absorbency you want for each and how many you want. You can choose from standard brands like Playtex as well as organic ones if you prefer to go all natural. Then, you have the option to add on other products that might come in handy during and before menstruation, like single-use heating pads, condoms, and even pregnancy tests.

Select which day of the month you want to receive your box, and you never need to think about buying feminine products ever again. (Related: This Period Pain Device Actually Made My Cramps Bearable)

Basically, it feels like everyone is obsessed with periods right now, and while that's probably a good thing, it also can be overwhelming to be told constantly that you need ~stuff~ to get through your period. (For more on that, see this rant on why you don't need to clean your vagina.) Still, Odeeva delivers something many women truly need: worry-free feminine products at a fair price.

Plus, for every box sold, they make a donation to Girls Helping Girls, an organization that provides women in need with tampons and pads. Sold-err, subscribed.



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