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These Morning Mantras Will Inspire You to Get Up and Slay Your Workout

Anna Victoria

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Anna Victoria is our Instagram fitness obsession because she's always so damn motivating! As she says, "sometimes we can be our own biggest critics, but if someone else did it, you can too!" (Psst: We've got Anna's exclusive Fit Body Guide circuit workout.)

Courtney Paul

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As you may have seen on Bravo's Workout New York, Courtney Paul's workouts are no joke, and giving up is not an option. The good news: He says that your body has so much more to give than your mind thinks it does.

Amanda Butler

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Trainer Amanda Butler says: Yes, you're tired, yes, you're busy, but just stay committed and stay strong—because you won't regret your workout once it's done! (Just try Amanda's workout modifications when you're tired AF to help get you through.)

Jen Widerstrom

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The Biggest Loser trainer Jen Widerstrom (and creator of our FITNESS burpee challenge!) serves up some inspo to keep you in the driver's seat of your day.

Adam Rosante

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Want to know how to build confidence? Celeb trainer Adam Rosante says,"Do the thing you're scared shitless of and you'll get the confidence after, not before. Take action today." (We recommend getting started with his HIIT workout that tones in 30 seconds.)

Kenny Santucci

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Kenny Santucci says it's your choice! It's all about taking charge and creating your own success. (Here are more fitspo quotes to make getting out of bed and crushing your workout just a little bit easier.)

Jackie Dragone

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Flexstudios trainer Jackie Dragone wants you to wake up and be grateful for the healthy body you have and remember to make the right decisions throughout the day to keep it that way.

Holly Rilinger

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You've heard this one before: The more uncomforable you get, the more you're going to change. So trade your comfort in for change, says celeb trainer Holly Rilinger

Rebecca Kennedy

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Get up, look at yourself in the mirror and say over and over again, 'I can do it,' and before you know it, you'll be doing it, says Barry's Bootcamp master trainer Rebecca Kennedy. (When you're done giving yourself a pep talk, try her killer morning ab workout.) 

Brett Hoebel

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It isn't always about shedding calories, it's about sweating with soul, says celeb trainer Brett Hoebel. (You can put that into action with his yoga-meets-martial arts workout.) 

Jenn Seracuse

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You got this. You're stronger than you think you are and can handle anything that comes your way, says Flexstudios Pilates instructor Jenn Seracuse.

Anula Maiberg

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The only thing you have to remember every morning is that your best is perfect, says Pilates instructor Anula Maiberg. (Get more inspo from her in our #LoveMyShape trailer.) 


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