"We need representation of all the magnificent and wildly different bodies there are."

By Faith Brar
December 15, 2017
These Women Are Fighting Back Against Disney's Lack of Body Diversity

Disney princesses aren't exactly known for body diversity, which is why two body-positive influencers are asking Disney to create a princess who looks like them. (Related: Disney's New #DreamBigPrincess Photo Campaign Is the Goal-Crushing Motivation You Need)

"How amazing would it be if there was more representation in media? If children were able to watch cartoons with diversity in [them]? How much more would we achieve if we didn't spend so much time hating our bodies?" body-positive activist Amy Eloise recently shared on Instagram.

She explains that our perceptions of ourselves are often tied to the way people treat us-and that when we see non-straight-sized people being treated as undesirable, we tend to think the same. "We see being desired as a goal, and so we do whatever we can to reach that goal-regardless of how detrimental it may be to our mental health. And when we fail on whatever diet we put ourselves on, we feel worse about ourselves. It's a vicious cycle," she said in the post.

That's why Amy wants to see a "fat princess." And the princess' story can't revolve around her weight. Amy feels that we need "a princess who has all of the amazing adventures of her predecessors"-just a different body type. "We need representation of all the magnificent and wildly different bodies there are, and stories that don't primarily focus on that." (Related: Katie Willcox Wants You to Know You're So Much More Than What You See In the Mirror)

Amy's friend and body-positive activist Michelle Elman mirrored similar emotions, saying: "How incredible would it be for little kids to grow up and instead of saying 'I want to look like her!' they could say 'Wow, she looks like me!' How incredible would it be if the epitome of beauty and the envy of many little girls wasn't so equated to thinness?"

Take note, Disney. Here's hoping we start seeing more realistic and curvy princesses in the future.