Ashley Graham and Tyra Banks are encouraging women to embrace their upper thighs with the Instagram hashtag #thighbrow.

By Faith Brar
Updated: February 23, 2018

While social media often makes it easy to compare ourselves to others, it's also made it possible to spread body positivity and rally against unrealistic beauty standards in a powerful new way. With the help of hashtags like #sideprofileselfie, #cellulitesaturday, and #lovemyshape, we've been encouraged to embrace our bodies rather than picking out so-called flaws.

The hashtag of the moment is #thighbrow-created to inspire women to accept the roll of skin over the top of our thighs, especially when sitting or bending forward (something that's a pretty natural occurrence across all body types!)-and to serve as a clap back to the unhealthy #thighgap trend. (Related: 5 Common Body Goals That Aren't Realistic)

Technically, the word isn't new. It first garnered attention back in 2015, but Tyra Banks and Ashley Graham are bringing it back. To promote the latest episode of America's Next Top Model, Graham shared a GIF on her Instagram of her fellow judge running her hand along her thigh brow to help define the term for those uninitiated.

Since then, Graham's followers have really taken to the hashtag and more than 12,000 women have shared photos of themselves embracing their #thighbrow. "The social media trend has shifted from the 'thigh gap' to the 'thigh brow.' If the thigh brow was the trend when I was a high school girl, I would have saved myself a swimming pool of tears," one woman wrote.

"Sometimes our thoughts and feelings on positive body image and self-care are the only acts of kindness our bodies truly know. There is some truth in having to teach others how to fully appreciate, respect, and worship your body. It starts with you. Let these practices visit your body often," said another using the hashtags #truthbombtuesday and #thighbrow.

It's incredible to see so many women saying goodbye to the poison of things like #thinspo (and even #fitspo). We want to live in a world where all women love their bodies, and this is definitely a step in the right direction.


Comments (2)

January 1, 2019
While I do think it's great to be positive about yourself I also don't agree with ....THIGH BROW. For me it's simply extra fat and happen to think it's unattractive. I would rather eat right, exercise and have no rolls anywhere and know that I am healthy.
March 11, 2018
I actually read this article to find out wtf a thigh brow was. Ppl were happier before social media so many "problems" are totally made up [filtered]. There are 9 billion bodies on this planet. Pretty sure every one of them is NOT unique and ALL are totally normal.