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The #ThighReading Trend Proves the Days of Thigh Gaps Are Long Gone


Women spend the equivalent of two weeks a year, or about one hour a day, worrying about their looks, according to a TODAY/AOL survey from earlier this year. Not only are we spending an inordinate amount of time obsessing, but it's the thing we worry about the most, even more than finances or relationships. And it's no wonder we're all so concerned: We're bombarded with hundreds of images of "perfect" female bodies every day, not a stretch mark, wrinkle, or dimple in sight. But, thankfully, real women are looking to change that. The latest wonderful manifestation of the backlash against unrealistic beauty standards: #ThighReading. (Want a serious dose of body image inspiration? Check out these Fitness-Inspiring Instagrams from Plus-Size Models.)

Thighs. Love 'em or hate 'em (they're the third most hated body part for women, says the survey), we've all got 'em. And #ThighReading advocates say it's about time we appreciate them for everything they do for us. Similar to palm reading, thigh reading involves looking at the story of your life that your legs tell via scars, stretch marks, and, of course, gorgeously toned muscles. And considering all the running, walking, carrying, lifting, and dancing they help us do, what better way to showcase our amazing lives? Here are 15 reasons to be proud of your strong, beautiful legs—imperfections and all.

1. We are proof that beautiful thighs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

2. Mosquito bites, freckles, tan lines, and scars show you live a full, adventurous life.

3. We don't need Photoshop to be glorious. 

4. Our flaws are part of what make us beautiful.

5. Our legs can do truly astounding things.

6. They make a great canvas for body art.

7. Stretch marks are really tiger stripes—part of your identity.

8. They make those short shorts look good.

9. Cellulite is so normal.

10. Even models get stretch marks and cellulite.

11. Thigh gaps come naturally to some and not to others—and either way is beautiful.

12. Pregnancy affects more than just your tummy.

13. Everyone has scars; some are just more visible than others.

14. They are crazy strong.

15. Because, at the end of the day, they've gotten you through every experience of your life.


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