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Think You Can't Dance Because You Don't Have a Dancer's Body?


Any girl who's ever tried to dance has heard about it at some point: The mythical "dancer's body." Sometimes people will tell you they dance so they can get one. Others will tell you they can't dance because they don't have one. Still others will envy girls who they see as having the perfect one. Some might even tell you that you obviously aren't a dancer because you don't look like one. Well, one dance troupe is here to prove all of those ideas about what makes a dancer's body wrong.

Pretty Big Movement is a dance crew made up exclusively of plus-size women and they are showing the world that a "real" dancer's body is any body that dances. "We're here to let the world know that it doesn't matter what size you are, you can do whatever you want to do," Akria Armstrong, the group's founder, said before the group's appearance on America's Got Talent.

"Now, we are going to smash that stage," she joked. They killed the routine, getting invited back for round two, but the only thing they smashed were stereotypes. (While we're at it, The Yoga Body Stereotype Is BS too.)

Armstrong, who has danced in two Beyoncé videos (2007's "Get Me Bodied" and "Green Light") and studied with Alvin Ailey during her years at Manhattan's Professional Performing Arts School, said she started Pretty Big Movement after being unable to get work despite her impressive resume.

"It was a little discouraging," Armstrong told the Daily Dot. "I felt like in order for people to understand me as a dancer at my size, I'd have to create my own name."

So she did, and now she boasts a troupe of seven professionally trained dancers that have made multiple television appearances, starred in a Lane Bryant campaign in Times Square, and are even in talks to do a reality TV show or stage production. But whatever they do next, they know it's going to be big.


"At the end of the day, we dance," said Armstrong. "Aesthetically, we may not be the proper body type that America would love to see, but we dance."


We beg to differ. The woman of PBM are exactly the type of dancers we love to see: Women who love to express themselves through movement and are living their passion. So here's to every girl who's ever been told you're too big, too short, too old, too untrained, too anything to dance. If you love it, do it! (P.S. Meet the Plus-Size Models Redefining the Fashion Industry.)


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