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'Tis the Season for Excess


"The holidays are marked by a heightened
period of consumption, which produces more waste than
usual," says Kim Carlson, host of Livin' the Green Life on Voice
America radio. "But you can participate in the festivities and still
be green; just make more earth-friendly choices." How to start:

  • Reset your table

    "Cloth napkins eliminate paper waste and can be reused for years," says Carlson.
  • Give the gift of experience

    "Tickets to a game will be appreciated more than another
    coffeemaker," says Carlson. Not only does this
    reduce garbage, but it creates a memory.
  • Read the labels

    Whenever possible, buy gifts made from natural materials rather
    than plastics, which contain petroleum.
  • Pack it up right
    Ditch the paper, and
    wrap with reusable materials. (Slip a
    gift into a scarf and tie it with a ribbon.)


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