The trainer isn't just embracing her postpartum body, she's in awe of it.

By Renee Cherry
October 25, 2018

Katrina Scott may have co-founded a fitness brand, but nothing's made her feel stronger than giving birth. Scott, who announced that she gave birth last week, posted an Instagram with a message to her followers about how giving birth changed her perspective on her own strength. The main takeaway: Giving birth is something to be damn proud of.

The Tone It Up co-founder posted a transformation photo with a shot of her right before she became pregnant, and another shot six days after giving birth. "On the left, I felt like I was the strongest & most in shape I had ever been-but wow was I wrong," she wrote in the caption. She's "so much more proud" of her body in the postpartum photo, she wrote, adding "...I showed myself how truly amazing the female body is." (Related: 5 Partner Exercises from the Tone It Up Girls to Try with Your BFF)

Scott encouraged her followers to try to adopt the same outlook if they ever feel frustrated with changes like stretch marks or gained weight. (FTR, it's completely normal to still look pregnant after giving birth.) "I kept hearing from moms that when you get home you don't recognize yourself or your body anymore and I want to make that okay," she wrote. "Let's not be the same-let's be different...let's be stronger." She included videos of her postpartum physique and revealed that she dropped 10 pounds after giving birth, but not much more, as a reminder that "snapping back" isn't a reality. (Related: Fitness Blogger Shares Her Story About Accepting Her Post-Baby Body)

It's no wonder that Scott is feelin' herself right now. Women's bodies are able to nourish and otherwise accommodate a developing human, then send them out into the world. That deserves as much recognition as any strength gains.