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Top 10 Health Blogs Written by Actual Health Pros

Weird Nursing Tales

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Best for: Anyone who love a good cautionary tale

Hilarious, weird, and educational in ways you wouldn't necessarily anticipate, Nurse Texican of Weird Nursing Tales is a male RN working as a critical care float nurse.

Order of the Good Death

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Best for: Anyone who is going to die at some point

Admit it: You're curious about what corpses say about the life they lived. And Caitlin Doughty of Order of the Good Death is great at interpreting it. She also takes questions for her popular Ask a Mortician series on YouTube.

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Best for: Latest health news and research

Dr. Kevin Pho of "pulls back the curtain" on the health industry so that patients can better understand the system. An educated patient is a healthier one!

Head Nurse

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Best for: People who always wondered what nurses really think of pompous surgeons

Nurse Jo, RN, of Head Nurse puts a poignant, educational, and always hilarious face on the people who provide the backbone of our healthcare system.

Ask Toby

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Toby Amidor, MS, RD and CDN, of Ask Toby answers all your nutrition-related questions with advice about everything from balancing good nutrition with good parenting to recipe adjustments and general food questions.

Drop It and Eat

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Best for: People with a history of chronic dieting and/or eating disorders

Lori Lieberman, RD, MPH, CDE and LDN, of Drop It and Eat, specializes in helping people get out of the "diet" mentality and into eating what is best for your body. She is as gentle as she is experienced.

Sweat Science

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Best for: Science nerds

Delve deeper than the headlines of the latest fitness research studies. Alex Hutchinson, a post-doctoral physicist and former elite distance runner, started Sweat Science to offer in-depth analysis and answer questions related to fitness research.

Ask Coach Jenny

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Best for: Runners

Jenny Hadfield, a personal trainer, coach, and MS in exercise science answers all your running questions in her blog Ask Coach Jenny. Whether you're a newbie and worried about runner's tummy or a seasoned vet and want to up your game, she's got answers.

The Sports Doc

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Best for: Amateur athletes

Dr. William Roberts, MD, MS, FACSM, may have a lot of letters after his name but he's also an avid runner and is currently the medical director of the Twin Cities Marathon. In his Sports Doc column he answers all your medical questions in regards to fitness.

Food Trainers

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Best for: People looking to learn the basics of good nutrition

Nutritionist Lauren of Food Trainers provides a great mix of humor, recipes, and healthy eating tips.


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