Trapped by Hurricane Harvey, These Bakers Made Bread for Flood Victims

They decided to make use of the time they were stranded by helping those in need.

As Hurricane Harvey leaves utter devastation in its wake, thousands of people are finding themselves trapped and helpless. Employees at El Bolillo Bakery in Houston were among the stranded, stuck in their workplace for two days straight because of the storm. The bakery wasn't flooded inside though, so instead of sitting around and waiting to be rescued, the employees made use of the time by working day and night to bake a huge quantity of bread for fellow Houstonians affected by the flooding.

A video on the bakery's Facebook shows the bakery's employees hard at work, and a huge crowd of people lining up to get bread. For those unable to go to the store and buy bread, the bakery packaged up plenty of pan dulce and donated to people in need. "Some of our bakers have been stuck in our Wayside location for two days, finally got to them, they made all this bread to deliver to first responders and those in need," reads a photo caption on the bakery's Instagram page. And we aren't just talking about a few loaves. Over the course of their efforts, the bakers went through over 4,200 lbs of flour, reports

If you're looking to donate, you can check out the list the New York Times compiled of both local and national organizations that are providing relief to those in need.

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