Trending Twitter Hashtag Empowers People with Disabilities

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Trending Twitter Hashtag Empowers People with Disabilities

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, Keah Brown, who has cerebral palsy, took to Twitter to share the importance of self-love. By using the hashtag #DisabledandCute, she showed her followers how she's grown to accept and appreciate her body, despite society's unrealistic standards of beauty.

What started as an ode to herself, has now taken over Twitter as a way for people with disabilities to share their own #DisabledandCute photos. Take a look.

"I started it as a way to say I was proud of the growth that I made in learning to like myself and my body," Keah told Teen Vogue. And now, since the hashtag has started to trend, she hopes it will help fight some major stigmas that people with disabilities face.

"Disabled people are presumed to be unattractive and unlovable in a romantic way," Keah continued to tell Teen Vogue. "In my opinion, the hashtag proves that to be false. The celebrations should show able-bodied people that we aren't the caricatures they see in movies and TV shows. We are much more."

A huge shout out to Keah Brown for reminding everyone to #LoveMyShape.

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