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'Unguarded and Unbothered' Is Our Favorite New Instagram Movement

Instagram is filled with images of perfectly sculpted (and filtered) humans, and staring at those pics on a daily—sometimes hourly—basis can do a number on your self-esteem. That's why we're so here for the latest trend to sweep social media: #UnguardedAndUnbothered.


This took a lot of balls.. but this is me.  Not one drop of edit. No contortion. No sucking in. No glamour shot. 100% me. 100% vulnerable. #UnguardedAndUnbothered I use to hate how I have reddish skin around my eyes. I use to hate the way my belly button looked. I hated how one eye squinted more when I smiled. I use to hate that I got acne everywhere, including my back. I use to hate that my thighs were so big. I use to hate that I didn't have boobs. I use to hate that people called me "broad" and told me I'd be a good football player (lol F off). I hated my eyebrows and how they looked so much I shaved them with a literal razor . I USE TO HATE "ME"! Now, I love everything about myself so much I want you guys to see it and *hopefully* love me and accept me for who I am too! I'm not here to BS anyone, I'm not here to act like I know everything, and I'm not here to inspire purely through fitness. I'm HERE to inspire you through your life! I want to help so many people it makes me emotional just thinking about it, and typing this. I want to make a difference in this world. I WILL make a difference in this world. Take your makeup off, look at yourself in the mirror, forget about what the media tells you, and LOVE YOURSELF! Share your own beauty, I want to see it --> #UnguardedAndUnbothered.  #desbfit #desbfittraining #therealme #bereal #nomakeup #noedit #thriving #pure #realitycheck #fitnessjourney #unbothered #teamhappiness #lit #iamenough

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The movement, created by 22-year-old Desiree Scoggin, came to life after she realized how much pressure women put on themselves to be perfect. "Many women struggle in today's society thinking they aren't good enough," Scoggin says. "Whether it be told to them by an abusive boyfriend, their husband, family, friends, people on social hurts me to know others don't see the beauty in themselves." (Related: 11 Hashtags That Will Fill Your Social Media Feed with Self-Love)

"What motivated me to start this movement was when I finally truly embraced what I saw in the mirror," she said. "I was staring at myself after a shower completely bare. I was standing there with no makeup, nothing done with my hair, no push-up bra on, and no sense of needing to fit in. I looked at myself and thought, 'I am beautiful.' "

In that moment Scoggin realized that every woman deserves to feel that way—and she was going to play her part in making sure she didn't feed into people's insecurities. "Unguarded to me, meant that I was going to ditch the makeup, editing, posing...and show everyone who I am," she said. "I am human too and because of that, I am unbothered by what others may think of me. I have finally found love in myself that I never had, and I have never been happier."


Today I am #unguardedandunbothered I feel bloated & guess what?! ITS OKAY! My face is broken out...girl probs 101. I'm a four eyes who loves my glasses & doesn't hide behind my contacts all the time  I'm pale AF right now but oh well who TF cares Today & everyday I am a strong, confident & BEAUTIFUL woman, just loving my own damn self be unapologetically YOU because being you is the best thing you can be!  #love #beyoutiful #girlswholift #unapologetic #like #loveyourself #fitfam #fitgirl #fitlife #fitgirl #fitness #fitnessjourney #gym #fitspiration #instafitness #fit #workout #girlswithmuscle #happy #healthy #iifym #lifestyle #lift #bodybuilding #bodypositive #lifting #unapologeticallyme #bodybuildingmotivation #yay #instagood

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Today, over a thousand people have used #UnguardedAndUnbothered, sharing their "flaws" and "imperfections" to let others know that they're not alone. Scoggin had no idea the movement would gain so much traction.


Happy Sunday my beautiful friends  After a much needed double rest day, I hit cardio and chest today, and PR'd my DB Chest Press with 35lb dumbbells! (Thanks to the help of a friend for encouraging and spotting me!) As I was taking my usual pwo selfie  I decided to take a video as well. 'Instagram vs. Reality' if you will. The main point was to show you guys that what you see on Instagram is the highlight reel of our lives. Most of the time, we don't show you the fluff; the bloat; the regular, unposed version of ourselves. But I think it is necessary. Why? Because so often we compare ourselves to those we follow on social media. How come I'm not lean like they are? Well, you probably are, when you pose the way they do! Never forget that ladies, you are all beautiful in your own ways, no matter how much fluff, bloat, etc. you have behind the scenes. Because we all have it. Don't put yourself down due to someone else's highlight reel! Just keep that in mind girlies! Love you all and I hope you have a great Sunday!  . . . . . . . #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #girlgains #bbgyxe #fitfam #workout #gainsforgirls #weightlossprogress #strongnotskinny #workoutideas #healthylifestyle #health #fitness #yxefitness #saskfitness #saskatoonfitness #yxefit #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #strongisthenewskinny #unguardedandunbothered #loveyourself #unposed

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READ WITH YO EYES Honesty hour: I think I am a pretty "real person". I'm honest, I don't try to hide my feelings, or pretend I am perfect. A month ago @desb___ (a wonderful human and good friend of mine) brought to light the movement #unguardedandunbothered. I hopped right on that train. Why? Because it's important. We live in a world where you're praised for perfection. Where the pressure by low self confidence, or others opinions causes you to talk down to yourself and your body daily. Where saying you're beautiful or I look bomb is taken as conceded and cocky. So what does this hashtag mean to me. This hashtag means people are having the balls to post real, genuine, raw photos. But more importantly, it means more and more people are having and finding confidence in themselves, confidence to post pictures they never would have. Okay but why does this matter? This matters because I truly believe when you love yourself, you love others better. You are happier, your skin is your home and not a prison for you to hate. This isn't a "trend". This is how it should be. I'm not even going to disclaim attractive, fitspo, aesthetic photos because I will keep posting those. But this is not a trend for likes, for compliments saying "omg girl so beautiful so real" although those are great. This is a movement breaking freaking mental barriers. Digging deep into self love. I'm at a point where I don't need Instagram to proclaim self love, but not everyone is there. You don't need to strip down and proclaim you love yourself on Instagram. Sometimes the smallest whispers turn into roars of self love. It's a choice. My heart breaks from the number of comments, messages... "I needed this" or "you're so real and brave" and messages of girls who think they are inadequate because they can't seem to figure out how to love themselves. It's not easy, it's a choice, it's a mentality. So if you're here for the popularity of this movement, you've already lost the benefit of participating. Love yourself, be raw, show yourself you love yourself regardless of what enhances the beauty you ALREADY have. #lovemyshape #empower #selflove #body #bodypositive #selfie #raw #real #fitspo #getfit

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"It blew my mind that these people took time out of their days to bare themselves, regardless of possible criticism, and join me in this movement," she said. "This message deserves to be heard."


This is what I'm working with. 137 pounds, 5 foot 3. Fat loss is a struggle...even worse for me because I genetically hold all of my fat in my trunk area. You know what? I still love myself. Yeah, I hate that I don't have abs or even a flatter stomach in my case, I don't like my DD boobs and that I wear a small in everything but still gotta buy size large bras, and I wish I had a smaller waist...but I get messages constantly saying how good I look. Everyone has their insecurities, but you just gotta OWN IT and be proud of yourself. I stopped comparing myself to others and comparing myself to where I was a year ago today. LOVE YOURSELF HAPPY SATURDAY #unguardedandunbothered . . . . . . #healthylifestyle #progress #weightloss #selflove #girlswholift #blessed

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We couldn't agree more. And even if one woman starts to feel more confident in her skin as a result of Scoggin's message, that's a triumph. In her own words: "It's time to change the norms and not be scared to be yourself."


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