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The U.S. Women's Soccer Team Shares What They Love Most About Their Bodies

Carli Lloyd

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"I love my arms—when people look at me they don't think my arms are necessarily ripped, but I've worked really hard with my upper body doing a lot of push-ups, TRX, and ropes and have gotten them really strong. Some women maybe wouldn't want muscles in their arms, but I think it's awesome and embrace it."

—Carli Lloyd, two-time Olympic gold medalist, KIND athlete

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Kelley O'Hara

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"When I was in middle school and even high school, I wasn't comfortable with my body. I look back and it makes me sad, but I've grown into my body and really embrace it. I don't have the typical girl body, I'm kind of built like a boy. I don't have an hourglass figure but that's OK because I can play soccer and run for 90 minutes and kick ass on the soccer field, so it's all good. I love how I look. My favorite body part is my butt because that's where we get all our power from and that's what keeps me going up and down the field and drives my explosiveness. I kind of have a bubble butt, but it helps me do what I need to do!" (Find out O'Hara's pre-competition good luck charm.)

—Kelley O'Hara, Olympic soccer gold medalist, Coppertone athlete

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Alex Morgan

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"I love my shape because people can always tell I'm an athlete—whether or not they actually know who I am—just by looking at my legs and arms. A lot of times people make fun of my calves—I have some of the biggest calves out of anyone on the team, so people always ask how we can wear pants! But it's the one body part I am proud of because it's something I was naturally gifted with; my mom and dad both have really muscular calves too. You need to embrace what you're given."

—Alex Morgan, Olympic soccer gold medalist, Chobani athlete

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Morgan Brian

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"Soccer players have a particular shape. It's very difficult to find clothing—especially pants—to fit our bodies! We have big quads and thighs, and I have a small waist, so the sizes don't exactly correlate. But we do have great legs. They're strong, and we need them to play at the highest level, so I love them."

—Morgan Brian, FIFA Women's World Cup champion, Chobani athlete

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Ali Krieger

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"I love my legs because they make me powerful and they make me feel strong. They've held up ever since I was young and have helped me get where I am today and be this successful. I always get made fun of by my teammates for my huge calves, but I'm like, 'they make me strong and fast!'"

—Ali Krieger, FIFA Women's World Cup champion, ZICO athlete

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Julie Johnston

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"I love my shape because I've come to think that strong is beautiful. I love my soccer legs. A lot of soccer players grow up thinking, 'ugh, my thighs!.' But it becomes a part of you. I would not be able to play the way I play without them. That's the beauty of growing and learning about your body and being able to love it. Being a woman, I love being a girly girl and doing all of those fun things, but at the same time I love my fierce side."

—Julie Johnston, Olympic soccer gold medalist, Kellogg's athlete

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