This Video Shows Just How Easy It Is to Make Your Butt Look Bigger for Instagram

Hint: The butt-enhancing method has nothing to do with editing.

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If scrolling through social media has ever left you feeling icky about yourself — whether it be the way your body looks, your fitness abilities, or your social schedule — then you know it's easy to spiral into self-doubt based on what you see on a tiny screen.

Thing is, the photos you're comparing yourself to might not even be true to life. Sia Cooper of Diary of a Fit Mommy fame just served up a refreshing reminder that not everything you see on social media is real. In fact, some of it is relies heavily on smoke and mirrors, as one of Cooper's recent discoveries makes clear. (

Cooper shared a TikTok video she found in which a fitness model poses in a workout set. Midway through the video, someone inserts butt pads into the model's leggings, giving the model's butt an instant — and ample — boost. "I thought that I've seen it all — until I saw this video," says Cooper in a video overlaid on the TikTok post.

"This is crazy," continues Cooper. "This is proof that you cannot trust what you see on the internet. It's crazy that companies will do this to market a product but sometimes what you see is not what you're really seeing, so be careful and do not compare yourself to strangers on the internet." (See also: How Celebrity Social Media Affects Your Mental Health and Body Image)

Of course, there's absolutely nothing wrong with making any enhancements to your appearance if you so choose. But posts like these serve as a reminder that so much of what exists online is filtered, edited, enhanced, and designed to look "flawless," when the beauty of real life, unedited humans are all the things that make people unique. (

So if you ever find yourself feeling bummed about your body not matching what you see as you scroll through your feeds, keep in mind that what you're seeing might not even resemble what exists in reality, once you strip away the filters, editing, and, yes, butt pads that go into those perfect-looking photos and videos.

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