Wacky Ways We Boost Our Confidence

Even Jennifer Lawrence has her confidence-shaking moments. Here, the Shape magazine staff share their favorite mood-boosting tactics that make them look and feel good.

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Everybody's been there: You're minding your own business, getting ready for work or wandering around a store looking for a pair of tights when you catch sight of yourself in a mirror and-ugh!-do you really look like that? The outfit you thought was so chic suddenly seems laughable, your skin is sallow, your eyeliner is smudged… and is that a double chin?

First, take a deep breath. Then remind yourself that no one is immune for these confidence-shaking moments. Case in point: During a recent appearance on Good Morning Britain, Jennifer Lawrence admitted that she goes through the same thing. "I have just such an idea of myself where I'm just like a Victoria's Secret model all the time," she confessed. "And then when I see the truth I'm just like, ‘What?!'" She added, "You should see what I look like in my mind. I have reverse body dysmorphia."

While we're not 100 percent on board with her choice of words (after all, body dysmorphia is a serious problem that requires medical treatment), it's somewhat heartening to hear that the always-lovely J. Law can commiserate with our moments of mirror misgivings. What we wish she'd shared, though, is how she gets over these insecurities and gets on with her day. So instead of asking her, we posed the question to Shape.com staffers. Here are their responses. They're a little wacky, and sometimes downright silly-but we swear they work!

"When I feel bloated or out of it, I follow the formula of tunic + coffee + heels." -Hannah Doyle, Editorial Assistant

"When I'm feeling really unattractive, I put this essential oil Release on my ear lobes, temple, under my chin, and on the tip of my nose. Then I take three deep breaths right from the bottle while I tell myself, ‘You are beautiful. You are fantastic. Today is going to be a great day!' until I start feeling better. When I'm feeling fat, though, I put on my favorite push-up bra and wear a loose-fitting, low-cut top. I know, so trashy!" -Rebekka Spiller, Editorial Assistant

"I always try to just move on the days I feel my worst. Even if all I want to do is go home, sit on the couch, and pour a glass of wine, going on a walk or sweating it out-even for 10 minutes!-always gives me a new perspective on the day." -Cassie Shortsleeve, Executive Editor

"On a low-confidence morning, after eight discarded outfits, two missed trains, and at least 13 curses, I put on the last clean clothes I have, stare at myself in the mirror and tell myself-out loud, as if daring myself to disagree-‘You look skinny, stylish, and hot.' And then I walk out the door with that echoing in my head." -Melanie Mannarino, Digital Director

"When I weigh myself, if I'm really unhappy with the number on the scale, I immediately start negotiating, 'Well I didn't pee, so that's half of a pound right there. And I had dinner really late last night, and this is one of my heavier towels…' until I can talk off a pound-or six." -Mirel Ketchiff, Health Editor

"If I'm feeling blah, a blow dry and two minutes of straightening my hair works wonders! I'll also use self-tanning lotion to give my pale skin a bit of a glow in the cold dark days of winter." -Locke Hughes, Senior Social Media Editor

"I open a bottle of wine and invite my best friends over for a Mindy Project viewing. Free cable and alcohol aways tends to elicit compliments." -Kylie Gilbert, Editorial Assistant

"I like to put on bright-colored lipstick. It instantly brings out all my best features, and you can't help but smile at yourself when you've got a vivid lip on." -Bianca Mendez, Web Producer

"It's a little silly, but if I feel iffy and I'm out shopping at a store or somewhere, I totally avoid the mirrors at all costs." -Esther Crain, Freelance Editor

"I love taking fitness classes, and even if I'm new, I like to stand in the front of the room. Not only does it force me to pay attention and do every move, but I get a better workout and feel great about myself for staying on point in front of everyone (expect if it's dance, then I stay in the back and hide)." - Melissa Ivy Katz, Web Producer

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