No matter the season, you should always feel comfortable in a bikini.​

By Faith Brar
Photo: Instagram / @katewas_

While it's true that you tend to show more skin in the warmer months, you shouldn't feel like you need to do anything to prep for that outfit change. (Ditto if you're prepping for a beach vaca or flying south for the holidays.) In fact, loving your body shouldn't have anything to do with the season or its appearance at all-and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Wasley is here to remind you of that.

Wasley, who's about to hit the runway for a swimwear show, recently took to Instagram to share why you should feel comfortable and confident wearing the clothes you want year-round, whether that's an itty-bitty bikini or a fuzzy, oversize Christmas sweater.

"It's ok if you're not smashing it extra hard at the gym to get summer ready," she shared. "It's ok if you're not hardcore dieting to get that 'bikini body.' It's ok to go out and enjoy drinks with your friends without feeling guilty or counting calories." (Here's Why We Seriously Need to Stop Thinking of Foods As "Good" and "Bad")

Even if you're an avid healthy eater and are regimented about going to the gym, indulgence is totally normal. Not just during Thanksgiving and Christmas but year-round-and Wasley's post is a reminder that no matter the time of year, you should keep doing the things you love without feeling disappointed or upset with yourself. (Related: Why This Is the Year I'm Breaking Up with Dieting for Good)

"Regardless of all the ads & media that might be trying to convince you otherwise if you have back rolls, cellulite, stretch marks or anything else you might not particularly like about yourself, you're still worthy of wearing swimwear or shorts or a sleeveless top," she continued. "It's ok to take up space in this world." (Related: Why This Body-Positive Blogger Loves Her Loose Skin)

While there's nothing wrong with wanting to look your best in the summer-or any time of year!-an aesthetics-focused goal like "getting bikini-ready" is bound to backfire. (See: Why Losing Weight Won't Automatically Make You Happy) Instead, eating healthy, practicing self-care, and maintaining a workout routine to feel good will prove to be a more successful approach. And to Wasley's point, the most sustainable way to make that happen is to do what makes you happy and treat your body with love and care, regardless of the season. That's what true self-love is all about.

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