Whether by choice or circumstance, women have a lot of reasons for not having children

By Charlotte Hilton Andersen

Jennifer Aniston may have the most-talked-about uterus on the planet. So when she was recently asked, yet again, why she doesn't have kids, she finally answered, "I just find [this question] to be energy that is unnecessary and not really fair for those who may or may not have children. Who knows what the reason is, why people aren't having kids. There's a lot of reasons that could be, and maybe it's something that no one wants to discuss. It's everyone's personal prerogative, that's all." So in other words: My womb is not your business.

And she's exactly right. There's no one reason why women don't have kids, and it's a very personal question to ask someone. And yet people ask it all the time. Here, 16 real women volunteer their answers to that question.

I'm Unable to Get Pregnant

"It was because we physically couldn't have children, not because we didn't want any."

-Áine Quimby

I'm Just Not Interested

Kirstin Dragasakis

"Personally, I just never found having children to be an interesting undertaking."

-Kirstin Dragasakis

I'm Concerned About My Career

Monica Haines

"I knew that the career I wanted wouldn't allow me to spend as much time with my [potential] children as it was important to me that they have."

-Monica Haines

I Never Saw Myself As a Mother

Hannah Tillyer

"I think you need to actively want children, which I don't. It's not that I don't love children, I really do, but I never saw myself being a mother. I am a very happy aunt and godmother though. People always tell me that I'll regret not having children, but the worry of future regret isn't quite enough of a reason to do something so major in my life."

-Hannah Tillyer

I Don't Want to Change My Lifestyle

"Honestly, I am too selfish to have kids. I like sleeping in, I like going in last-minute vacations, and partying with friends. I like having my husband to myself and I just don't feel the need or want to change my life for a child."

-Alicia Orozco

Rescue Dogs Need Loving Homes, Too

Jody Hickmott

"My husband and I simply realized it was something neither of us wanted to do. So we adopt German Shepherd dogs who need to be in homes without kids."

-Jody Hickmott

I Didn't Want to Give Birth

Adrianne McMahon

"I don't like the idea of being pregnant or giving birth, and I recognize that I don't have much, if any, maternal instincts. For a long time, I was the only person I knew who didn't want kids and I felt like a weirdo. I mean, I am a weirdo, but for different reasons."

-Adrianne McMahon

I Was Afraid of Being a Bad Mom

Cate Antil

"I am afraid I'd be a terrible mother: I can't get myself out of bed in the morning, much less help anyone else do the same. Plus, my husband helped raise his two youngest siblings, so he feels he's 'done his time.'"

-Cate Antil

I Don't Want to Lose My Figure

Jennifer McAmis

"I have zero desire to be tied down. I want to live my life to the fullest and travel and take adventures that would not be possible dragging a mini-person along. Plus, I've worked damn hard for my body and don't want to give it up for anything! Say what you want, but it's the truth."

-Jennifer McAmis

I Haven't Met the Right Person Yet

Kenlie Tiggeman

"I've never met someone that made me want to bring a child into the world, but I hope that at some point I do. Kids are awesome. It's just not a responsibility I want to take on alone."

-Kenlie Tiggeman

I'm Concerned About Overpopulation

Melanie Testa

"There are too many humans in the world. I would be a great mother, I have a great husband, but there are already too many humans."

-Melanie Testa

I Don't Want to Be Tied Down

Megan Michael

"I want to live my own life. I don't want to spend it taking caring of another person."

-Megan Michael

Nieces and Nephews Are the Best

Katie Stumpf

"I've never wanted kids; growing up, I didn't even like baby-sitting. I've been in several long-term relationships and I never wanted to have kids with any of them. But I'm not averse to kids in general-my nieces and nephews are my heart and soul."

-Katie Stumpf (pictured with her niece)

I Can't Afford Kids

Jennifer Drabik

"I don't have the money to have kids and kids are expensive."

-Jennifer Drabik

I Have Congenital Problems

Trizah Allen

"I am not having any kids due to issues with my hip I have had since I was born. I wish I could."

-Tirzah Dawn Allen



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