The fitness influencer plans on keeping motherhood and social media separate.

By Allie Strickler
April 18, 2019

Kayla Itsines has been super open with her Instagram followers about her pregnancy. She's shared pregnancy-safe workouts, talked about stretch marks, and she's even opened up about unexpected side effects like restless leg syndrome. If you're looking forward to seeing those first few pics of Itsines' baby girl, the Aussie wants you to know that she doesn't plan on sharing a ton of photos of her daughter (at least for now). (Related: Kayla Itsines Shares Her Refreshing Approach to Working Out During Pregnancy)

"This could change in [the] future but right now I'd like to say that [sharing photos of my daughter is] not something I want to be doing on a regular basis," Itsines wrote in an Instagram post. "I want to make it very clear, I'm NOT a blogger or pregnancy lifestyle expert. I'm a PERSONAL TRAINER to millions of women all over the world and that will always be the focus of this Instagram."

It's all too easy to blur the lines between work and personal life; that's why the 27-year-old trainer is being transparent with her followers about what she wants to share online and what she prefers to keep private. "My goal is to provide as many women as possible with the BEST health and fitness content," she wrote. "My focus OFFLINE as always, is my family. Which is why I will not be posting frequently about my daughter." (Related: This Mom Fitness Blogger Posted an Honest PSA About Her Weight Loss Journey)

Rest assured, Itsines says she'll post a few photos of her daughter after she's born, "but this will not be a regular/daily occurrence," she wrote.

Itsines seems to have the full support of her online community in her choice to keep motherhood private. "We respect your decision. Family first," wrote Diary of a Fit Mommy's Sia Cooper in the comments section. "Love it!!! Yes you do you," wrote another of Itsines' followers. "We follow you for what you've done and how you've inspired us health and fitness wise not because you're becoming a mom although that's dang special as well."

To be clear, Itsines isn't hating on mom bloggers. In fact, at the end of her post, she encouraged people to share their recommendations for fellow mamas to follow who do enjoy sharing their experiences with motherhood. (Related: Claire Holt Shared the "Overwhelming Bliss and Self-Doubt" That Comes with Motherhood)

Regardless of whether or not Itsines shares details on her postpartum journey-or photos of her daughter, for that matter-the point is that it's her decision to make. Whatever she chooses, she has a strong community of women to support her along the way.