With the New Year comes newfound pressure—to lose weight, get fit, and be happy—but that doesn't mean you have to accomplish everything at once (or ever).

By Faith Brar

While we're all about setting goals you can actually achieve in 2018, the pressure of constantly trying to one-up yourself can be extremely daunting. That's why fitness fanatic Kelsey Wells is encouraging everyone to take a step back and just do your best (not someone else's best), whatever that "goal" may be. (Related: The #1 Thing You Should Keep In Mind Before Setting a Weight-Loss Goal)

"Ya know what feels good? DOING YOUR BEST. And ya know what most of us need to realize? That "doing your best" does NOT mean absolutely crushing it or breaking your personal record every day. No, "doing your best" means the best you've got in you, in that given moment, in that given circumstance," she recently wrote on Instagram. (Related: The Best Resolution Has Nothing to Do with Your Weight and Everything to Do with Your Phone)

Kelsey continued to say that it's all right to cut yourself some slack from time to time and be satisfied with the bare minimum, as well as doing nothing at all. "I swear to you, the day I realized that IT'S OK to 'just' walk on the treadmill or 'just' sit, breathe, and stretch instead of my workout and that IT'S OK if sometimes dinner ends up being takeout or I let Anderson watch too much TV so I could stay sane WAS THE DAY I SET MYSELF FREE," she said. (ICYMI, Kelsey knows a thing or two about being honest-even about being bloated.)

"Life is hard enough," she wrote. "Let's not make it harder on ourselves by harboring even one stitch of guilt for not doing/being better. YOU ARE AMAZING. Be a good person. Be true to yourself. Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself. That's it babes, that's really it. So here's to 'doing our best' and being damn proud about it at the end of the day, regardless what that looks like."


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