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Why Is My Poop Green Burger King??

Burger King

This Halloween Burger King is treating its customers with a spooky Halloween Whopper—a twist on the classic hamburger that involves the beloved quarter-pound burger and toppings piled on a festive black bun. But this treat definitely comes with a trick: It's turning people's poop an eerie shade of green! (Seeing colors even though you skipped the drive thru? You definitely need to read The Not-So-Gross Guide to Your Poop.)

People are mostly amused and by their technicolor turds. Several people tweeted #greenpoop of course) that they bought the burger solely for its color-changing properties. One person thanked the fast food chain for finally letting them live out every '80s kid's dream of pooping like Slimer on Ghost Busters. And some are even posting toilet-bowl snaps as evidence, just in case people don't believe them. (We believe you! We promise! You can stop anytime.)

But for those who are genuinely worried about how a black bun can turn your insides radioactive, Burger King says stop being such a scaredy cat—the flavoring and food colorings are all cool under FDA rules. (Unlike these 14 Banned Foods Still Allowed in the U.S.) What's not on their list, though, is actual ingredients. While the burger chain says they used charcoal and squid ink when they debuted the black burger last year in Asia, they're keeping mum(my) about the secret sauce here.

Still it doesn't take much to guess that the crappy culprit is artificial food dye. Petroleum-based food dyes are legal in the U.S. and have a long history of turning people's stools colors that would make even a unicorn-obsessed Lisa Frank fan cringe (one of many reasons that Europe has chosen to ban them). But the FDA lists most artificial food dyes as "GRAS" or generally recognized as safe for human consumption.

And they're in a lot more than just food, like that green face paint you're using for your witch costume. This year, freaky fans just get to decide if they want to be green inside and out!


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