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Why These Women Are Covering Their Naked Bodies In Rainbow Glitter

The body positivity movement has prompted women all over the world to embrace their bodies in amazing ways, but there's one approach we haven't seen yet: covering your body in glitter.

A group of lingerie enthusiasts from Brisbane, Australia decided to coat their naked bodies with rainbow glitter as a way to celebrate their unique figures. "It seemed like the most fun and outrageous thing to do within the privacy of our own backyard," Bonnie (@busty_diaries), the spokesperson of the group, told Cosmopolitan. "None of us fit the stereotypical mold of what a model 'should' look like, but together we bring out the best in each other, and we all feel like absolute supermodels."

Each woman in the group runs her own Instagram account focusing on lingerie and body positivity. A few months ago, they stripped down to nothing in someone's backyard and covered each other's bodies with rainbow glitter while Bonnie's husband took pictures.

They ended up having so much fun that they hired a professional photographer and moved the party to a beach for another magical photo shoot a few days ago. Not even the rain got in the way of their empowering celebration—and the results were incredible.



"[The group] did it because we love ourselves and want to do things that make us happy," Bonnie told Cosmopolitan. "But if these pictures are seen by people and make them feel more confident in themselves, more comfortable in their own skin, and better able to embrace their body shapes, that makes it a total success in my eyes."

We couldn't agree more.


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